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I used this picture because Pluto’s in it.  When our probe flew by Pluto, the scientists were surprised, since there’s a lot going on, on that wee planet.  Scientists now call Pluto a Dwarf Planet.  That’s the nice thing about life, if we want Pluto to be a planet we can ignore what the scientists say and call it anything we like.   We can call the scientists things too, that’s the way it works.  Anyway, you can see Pluto, it’s the tiny white dot on the upper left.  And just for the record, Pluto doesn’t care what we call it.  We name everything so we can understand what other people are talking about.  That, however, doesn’t always work, so then we go to war and kill them.  But what we name doesn’t actually care if we call it anything at all, which is my point.

When the sun starts turning into a red giant, you can clearly see who will get eaten first, right?  And when you look at the Sun, you’re looking at a Star, so that’s what all the stars in the sky look like.  How did we ever come up with the pointy things we call stars?  Maybe the person who invented stars didn’t know that the sun was one.  A big orange and red ball on the top of the Christmas tree would look funny, now that we know that’s what should be there.

When I look at the picture I want to run my fingers through the orbital lines and watch what happens.  The problem is that I’d have to b a LOT bigger to be able to do that.  Still, it’s fun to think about.  Everything would wobble, go flying into someone else, or into space.  Hey, it’s just a thought.

Gas planets are strange.  To put it mildly.  Why don’t we talk about those things more often?  Gas planets are confusing, since we know so little about them.  They may have a core, or they may not.  It could be rocky, iron, or frozen hydrogen.  Scientists have no idea. Well, they have no idea about most things.  Everything’s really far away and dangerous, so there is that.

Anyway, think about the fact that all around us there’s Dark Matter, Space, Junk, and a gazillion planets, stars, black holes comets,  silence, and things we can’t imagine AND there are no edges.  You could walk FOREVER and never reach an edge because edges do not exist.  Humans like edges, beginnings and endings, so that’s hard for us to think about.

But the truth is, we don’t know what the truth is.  Maybe there is an edge, how could we possible know when working with a scale that large?  We’re like preschoolers, when it comes to the universe.  Maybe we’re floating in a great big casino like the ones at Vegas and we don’t know that either.  Things can be bigger than the universe can’t they?  We don’t know for sure that there can’t be things that are bigger.  Maybe the universe is inside a gigantic hamster wheel, that’s why we keep spinning.  Anything can happen, right?  Ha!  No you say, but you can’t be sure because no one knows what’s really out there, or what’s really gong on.

Maybe we’re pets of some long lost group of beings and someone, or something, forgot to bring us inside.  Or maybe this IS inside.  It’s impossible to believe the FACTS, since they change so often.  NEW info is coming in all the time and so is disinformation.  Actually, I’m going with the idea that almost all we get is disinformation.

Don’t you think yoyo’s can teach us a lot?  I mean if we concentrate, there’s a lot going on with a string and two macaroon sides.  Everything needs to be right for things to work, well, work in a way we’re used to.  You can WALK THE DOG with a yoyo but, if someone puts their finger on the string, while you’re doing it, it turns Walk the Dog into, Where is the Dog?   That’s what I mean about playing with the orbital lines on the picture.

What if the earth stopped spinning?  If the earth just STOPED, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, would be GONE. because the 1,100 mph atmosphere would still be moving and rip everything away and toss it into space.  Good thing that’s not going to happen soon.  At least we don’t think it will.

What if one of the planets moved?  They’ve done it before, but that was a long time ago, before they all decided where they wanted to live.  Still, if one gets really bored…

Okay, I was just having fun, thinking about cool things, and now I’ve gone and dragged you along with me.  But really, we sit in tiny chairs and live inside  tiny things and everything around us is bigger than we can ever imagine, but not a lot of people seem to think about that.  Why don’t they?

We don’t know what’s out there, or where we’ll end up…

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I started watching the PBS program about the inner planets again. When they started talking about things 5 billion years from now, all I could think of (besides the fact that we don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow, let alone 5 billion years from now), is that we homo sapiens barely exist for a second. FIVE BILLION YEARS.  Talk about our short life spans.  Few humans live to a hundred.  What’s a hundred years when you’re talking about 5 billion?  And for the first eighteen of those hundred years we’re just growing up, learning to walk and not run into the street.  It’s so weird.

I was also looking at a book of old photographs from Paris and though that all the people in the pictures, young, dancing, laughing, kissing, happy, smiling and working, have been gone for a very long time.   So have their dogs.  Looking at the old black and whites was like looking into another world.

Those people were having a great time, when the pictures were taken.  Young, strong, having fun, and then they were gone.   And all that’s left are images of what once was and will never be again.  Life’s like a screwed up story where people take turns on a ride in a violent amusement park.

It’s as if generation is born, then they move up and up again, until they all lay down and go away…every single one of them.  Then the generation behind them, takes their place and the march to the end continues.  It’s so scripted, like the formula plot in a very long series.  We all know how the story ends, just not the details.   We’re like dominoes that are set up to fall, one after the other.  All you have to do to see it, is step farther back.and look.

Does anyone else think it’s crazy to have kids, so they end up being a falling domino?  I think it is.  I also think our brains are wired so that we don’t think about what we’re doing.  As for the Lizard King’s saying, “No one gets out alive,” is true from one point of view, but what if when we die here, we actually come alive in a big way, someplace else?

My husband has been gone for eight years.  My son’s 20th death anniversary is next month.  They were here and now they aren’t.  Their dominoes fell early.  I guess there’s a leukemia domino we didn’t know about.  All three of my nephews are gone as well, but maybe they’re the lucky ones…all of them.  We hang on to this place with both hands and teeth, when, in fact, death may be the doorway to a never ending party, with no violence and a lot of sunny beaches (using earth visualizations obviously).  Or maybe there’s nothing at all, which still might be better than here.  We have a tendency to lie to ourselves constantly.  Either way, we have no real control over what happens to us, at least that we know of.  I mean we can kill ourselves, which is like picking up your ball and going home, I guess.  But we don’t have a clue whether we’re a freak accident or some aliens put us here as a science project.  Instead of an aquarium, they used a planet.  Anything is possible.  You know that, right?


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I have always loved the planets and outer space.  I just watched three PBS programs on planets, and I’m so happy.  There is new info from all of our probes and everything is so exciting.

We all know the sun will eventually turn into a Red Giant, eat the first two planets, Mercury and Venus, and maybe us.  Then it will eventually turn into a White Dwarf, because it’s not big enough to become a Black Hole.

Basically, we will eventually have to move, or be fried.  But don’t start packing, there’s a few billion years until it gets the sun gets that big, although by the time it’s on it’s way to munching on Mercury, it’s going to be really hot on earth.  Huge star, looking for a snack.  What a fabulous thing.  Aging star eats Mercury for breakfast.  Actually, the Sun won’t even register the end of Mercury or Venus, I mean why would it?  It’s so tiny, compared to the massive sun, it won’t notice.  Earth, next in line, after Venus goes, will be uninhabitable, as they say.  I think that’s an understatement of epic proportion, but hey, that’s the word they used.   No life at all.  No water, not a single thing to let anyone know we ever existed.  We will be erased, leaving NOTHING behind, which is fitting, since we just can’t seem to catch on to the fact that we really don’t matter.

So, Mars, was our twin.  It was just ended up getting hit and having it’s atmosphere and outer crust stripped away, which made it even smaller.   But it was pushed farther away from the sun.  Too small to hold onto it’s magnetic field, all of it’s water was sucked into space and the planet died.  We, of the inner rock planets, are the only ones to have held onto our water, which we are now destroying all by ourselves.  Because we are idiots and there is a supreme idiot running the show in washington.

Anyway, the planets moved.  They were not all neat and tidy like they are now. They think Jupiter moved into position later, after we were all setting up house.  Jupiter, the big dog on the block, can have it’s way with anyone.  It’s huge and doesn’t really care about anyone else.  Which makes me think humans must have taught it something, somewhere along the way.  But the sun is always in charge.

Here’s the thing…all planets end…everything ends.  All planets change, just like the stars.  They AGE and with age comes change and death.  It just takes awhile, unless something hits us and then it’s over right away.

They believe that Mars may have had life.  I don’t know why they are still guessing.  Seems obvious to me, but I don’t know anything, so, there is that.  They don’t know what happened to the life that was there.  I don’t get that part, since no one will know what happened to us either, once we’re gone.

Moving on, they think there’s a moon, and I can’t remember which one, that may be be able to sustain life.   Of course, that’s only after the sun gets closer to it and warms it up, so that it’s not a solid rock of ice.

Look, I know we have a long time to work on this stuff but seriously, unless we can travel a LOT faster through space, how many generations will it take to get to these places.  Maybe in a million years, we’ll be able to disapparate to anywhere we like, but right now…mmm…they need to work faster.  Getting a hundred people off earth isn’t going to cut it.

The gas giants are currently living hells, but incredibly interesting.  There’s no chance for us to be able to live on one of them.  Liquid lakes of Mercury…yeah, I don’t think so.  And storms, not to mention the temperatures. Eight hundred degrees F. Or three hundred degrees below.  A bit uncomfortable.  BUT, when the sun does her thing, who knows what they will turn into, right?  They will warm up.  Greenhouse gases may dissipate.

It’s all about the star.  Our sun is in charge of everything and she’s getting older.  It’s all those nuclear reactions she goes through every second of every day.  Sigh.  She never gets a break.

There is no way to avoid what’s coming.  Stars die.  Ours will.  So will earth.  When Mercury and Venus are digested, our planet will look as it did in the beginning…molten…unless it’s eaten, then it won’t look like anything at all.

The scientists said we seem to be under the false impression that things are stable.  They are not.  We’re just in a nice cozy period.  Anything can happen, stuff moves around.  If Mars didn’t get caught in it’s weird oval trip around the sun, it would have been flung into space, like other things have been ejected, who knows where.  Look, we can’t be sure of anything.  The desert moves, climates change.  Planets die, move around, and hit each other planets, moons and really big rocks, comets and whatever else they can find to hit..  Galaxies MERGE, and it’s all super VIOLENT when they do those things.  The Universe is a VIOLENT place.  It explodes, grows, shrinks and kills things, while new stars/suns are born and the cycle begins again.  Black holes are born from the death of HUGE dying suns/stars. I love it.  Recycling at it’s best.

Suppose nothing hits or eats us, (it will, but just suppose).  The end will come and all the suns/stars will go black and there will be NO LIGHT AT ALL and a bunch of rocks hanging in space.  No life, no light, no ANYTHING AT ALL.  A frozen wasteland.  Nothing will be alive and NO LIGHT ANYWHERE.  Colder than we can imagine.  PITCH BLACK.  Hard to imagine how BLACK that time would be.

It’s so exciting and amazing and yet, we still keep killing each other, instead of enjoying the time we have left.  Hate, inequality, racism, war, poverty…all the disgusting things we choose to live with, when we only have a certain amount of time to be here. Nothing of us will be left on earth.  Nothing. A fitting end to a species that loved violence, death, power and money.  Sad, but true, nonetheless.  I wish we liked gardens, animals and each other instead, but no one cares about what I wish.  People eat living beings who suffer because of that, every single day.  The don’t care.  They never think about the fear, terror, pain and misery animals go through so people can eat them.  We do horrible things to everything that lives.  I think it’s great that we won’t leave anything behind.  Hopefully, we won’t get off this planet, so we can start killing somewhere else.  I think we’ve destroyed enough.

Maybe some other species will come into being, somewhere else.  A species who is kind and thoughtful and not into killing everything…or not.  It would probably be better if nothing existed but the stars and planets themselves.  I’d definitely go with that.  Or ducks.  Maybe ducks. Lots and lots of ducks.

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