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Don’t forget to dance…


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Sonny and Dinah lived on a beautiful farm.  They were madly in love and spent all of their time together.  They ate clover, climbed over rocks and frolicked in the meadow.  They were well fed, well loved, and always had clean straw and a warm place to sleep.

Humans lived next to the goat house and a young girl with big brown eyes and a bow in her hair, came to say hello to Sonny and Dinah every single day.  She kissed their necks, hugged them and petted them before she left for school and she did the exact same thing when she returned.  In the summer she even slept with them, curling up in the straw with a thin blanket.  They didn’t mind, since she smelled good and was very kind.  She told them her name was Moonlight, because she was born outside at night and the moon smiled on her and that’s how she got her name.  The goats tried to say her name but were unable to do so.  Moonlight knew they were doing their best and gave them extra kisses for their effort.

One day, Moonlight was running through the meadow and then she wasn’t.  Sonny and Dinah knew she had fallen.  They ran to her side and pushed her with their noses and bleated at her but she wouldn’t open her eyes, or say anything.  Sonny told Dinah to stay with her, then he turned and ran to the house.   Once there, he butted the door until the woman answered.  She looked like an older version of Moonlight and was wiping her hands on a towel.

“Sonny?  What is it?”

Sonny pranced, stood on his hind legs and then he turned in circles.

“Are you being silly?” she asked smiling.

Frustrated,  Sonny grabbed the corner of her apron with his teeth and began to drag her toward Moonlight.  She tried to push him away, asking what had gotten into him, but he would not let go.  Finally, she caught on and ran beside him.  She saw Dinah jumping around and headed toward her.  She found Moonlight, unconscious.  It was obvious that she had tripped and hit her head on a large rock.  The woman picked the child up and ran to the truck.  Sonny and Dinah, rubbed faces and stood where they were for quite some time.  They didn’t know where the woman took their friend but they trusted her.

Later that evening the man came into the barn and told the goats that they had saved Moonlight’s life.   He hugged Sonny and Dinah, thanked them, and gave them their favorite treats, then he hugged them again. He said that Moonlight would be home in a day or two.

When the man left, the goats settled down, leaning into each other.

“You know,” said dinah, “humans never give us enough credit.”

“Never,” agreed Sonny.

“We can’t even let Moonlight know that we can say her name.  It would scare all of them too much.”

“I love you,” said Sonny.

“I love you too,” said Dinah, rubbing her soft face against his neck.”

“Moonlight is very special,” said Sonny.

“Special enough that we can whisper her name, next time she stays with us?” asked Dinah hopefully.

“Let’s do that,” said Sonny, nibbling on Dinah;s ear.

“I think it would make her happy.”

“Sweet dreams my love,” muttered Sonny, his eyes closing.

“Sweet dreams, beloved,” sighed Dinah, as she drifted off to a place where all animals were loved and respected and there was no fear or torture.






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Old books are so lovely…


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Penny Stats


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Penny was a mapmaker. She didn’t actually chart land maps but charted the routes witches took when they were in the air. She began by reworking some early maps that her great-grandmother originally made, bringing them up to date, since the world does turn and a few degrees here or there can make a difference. Penny added new information to each chart and stained all of them a light and lovely sepia.

Penny’s charts were spot on, since she flew each one of the routes herself. She found several new wormholes, during her research, but warned against using them, sine they were small and didn’t seem to last long enough to get back and forth, from the adjoining universes. Any witch who traveled a lot, carried Penny’s charts with her. Penny also taught astronomy and cartography at the University. She enjoyed her work very much.


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Okay, so…anger



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I think we are taught to be wary of anger because it’s the thing that brings about change.  Anger, when properly focused (like EVERY other emotion, including love), can join people together, or make a single person stand up and be counted.  Anger is a beautiful thing, it draws lines in the sand.  The establishment hates it, that’s one reason it has a bad reputation and one good reason we should take notice of it.  We are taught not to be angry, because it can make us fight back, it can open the gates to the pens in which the sheep are being kept.  Anger is a dangerous thing when focused at a government who tries to put its people down.

Anger, in individual circumstances, can save a life, as a group, it can push people into acting for their own good, or the good of others.  We have been brainwashed into believing that anger is a bad thing, ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN, which makes women easy prey, more easily manipulated and better sheep.  Men get much more leeway when it comes to anger.  Women are not allowed to BE angry.   They have WORDS for women who show their anger.  Those words are used to keep women in line, so no one has to listen to what they have to say.

Anger got us out of Viet Nam and even though the government’s anger, and fear of the people, was turned into something very bad and they BEAT PEOPLE  and went to KENT STATE AND KILLED KIDS WHO WERE PEACEFULLY PROTESTING, (which is our right under the Constitution, unless they have changed that behind closed doors), the anger of the people ultimately brought about change.  Anger doesn’t mean violence (except to the establishment)…it means that we won’t let someone take our personal power, space or sense of being.  We SHOULD be angry when the government lies to us, takes our kids to fight in an unjust wars, taxes us and spends money on themselves, uses our money for war instead of peace.  Anger is justified when we are being played.  And we are being played.

The above definition of anger is perfect for me.

This is what I think happens after we die…


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“Okay Bobby, you have a nice day.  I made your lunch.  There’s soup in the thermos.  Try not to get caught, but do what you have to do to change the world.  Be careful if you hang from ropes.  I put all your spray paint in your car, along with your stencils.”

“Thanks mom,” said Bobby.

“Do you have the lawyer’s phone number in your pocket?”

“I do.”

“I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks mom,” laughed Bobby, giving her a hug.

“Dinner at six, bring your friends.”

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