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Don’t forget to dance…

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Picture is from :Pinterest Sonny and Dinah lived on a beautiful farm.  They were madly in love and spent all of their time together.  They ate clover, climbed over rocks and frolicked in the meadow.  They were well fed, well … Continue reading

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Old books are so lovely…

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Penny Stats

Photo from: Pinterest Penny was a mapmaker. She didn’t actually chart land maps but charted the routes witches took when they were in the air. She began by reworking some early maps that her great-grandmother originally made, bringing them up … Continue reading

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Okay, so…anger

  Picture is from: Pinterest I think we are taught to be wary of anger because it’s the thing that brings about change.  Anger, when properly focused (like EVERY other emotion, including love), can join people together, or make a … Continue reading

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This is what I think happens after we die…

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Picture from: Pinterest “Okay Bobby, you have a nice day.  I made your lunch.  There’s soup in the thermos.  Try not to get caught, but do what you have to do to change the world.  Be careful if you hang … Continue reading

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