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Feeding pigeons is always delightful. Pigeons are so beautiful and vary in color, their beauty individual and unique…like everything else, no two alike. They strut and gobble up seeds, unafraid amid their own kind, happily enjoying the free handout. I love people who feed others.


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Everyone falls in love in Paris…

Pixabay The first time I was in Paris, the first day, the first moment, actually, I knew I was home.  I don’t know how I ended up being born in Chicago, when CLEARLY, I should have been born in Paris.  … Continue reading

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I love pigeons…

Pixabay Pigeons are part of the landscape in Chicago, especially downtown, in the heart of the city.  They walk around, waiting for someone to feed them, pecking and strutting, dressed in an array of beautifully colored feathers.  Each a tiny, … Continue reading

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Love eating out in the open…

So, here’s the thing.  In Waikiki, we had wonderful breakfasts on an upper level of the hotel that was open to nature.  Pigeons joined us and walked around the floor, picking up crumbs dropped by innocent diners and looking for … Continue reading

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Pigeons roosting by the Colosseum in Rome, Italy (2 photographs)

They had a nest in the right hand corner of the ancient arch.  This was taken right next to the colosseum. The pigeons were very busy building a nest.

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Chicagoans at lunch

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Chicago wildlife

pigeons If you have never been around pigeons…you’re missing something wonderful. They are absolutely beautiful. Their colors are endless. Their iridescence, so startlingly lovely, that no artist would be foolish enough to attempt capturing their colors on canvas. I love … Continue reading

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