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Photographs…a poem

Old, Vintage, Retro, Pic, Picture

pictures of those who are not
pile up in a box
the photographs
on the bottom
filled with faces
that are no longer
easily remembered
even if their names
are written on the backs
as the pile continues to grow
of those who are gone
continue to mount
until eventually
the faces
and the memories
attached to them
are forgotten
and new boxes
are begun



Picture from:  Pixabay

Cameras are memory makers.  With a lens and moving gears, a camera can record a life and all that happens in it.  A camera allows us to see things that no one could explain about the past.  We can see past events, show our kids their great-grandparents and beyond.  We can remember our animal companions and see the beauty in their faces.  We can SEE moments in time.  What an amazing gift.  It’s impossible to see pictures of the future because events going in that direction don’t yet exist.  We can only capture things in the present as they slide into the past even as we push the button.  But the past, captured in that moment, was exactly as thing were for that fraction of a second.  Exactly.  Unfortunately, people learned how to manipulate film, so today, unless the photographs are very old and in a dusty photo album, one can’t be certain that what one is looking at, is real.  But the old sepia pictures, dug out of shoe boxes and sock drawers, are a glimpse into what actually was.

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