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The photography booth is set up, so everyone can have their picture taken.

From: Bored Panda…some are very touching

50 Uplifting Animal Pictures To Help You Get Through The Week

From: Bored Panda

This Instagram Account Features Amusing Street Photographs And Has More Than 500 Thousand Followers (30 Pics)

From: Bored Panda (not all of them are happy pictures)

Budapest International Photo Awards Have Announced Their Winners Of 2021, And They’re Truly Powerful (30 Pics) 


Anyone interested in Frida Kahlo, would love this book  Five hundred photographs of her life.  The book weighs a ton, since the paper is great, so the photographs look wonderful.  Really heavy.

If you’ve watched the film, FRIDA, you’ll be amazed by how much her father in the movie looks like her actual father.  Great casting.  And Selma Kayak is amazing.  It’s an incredible film.  And Antonio Banderas has a small role, so yum.  He’s so  perfect in the part.  Seriously, the cast is absolutely spot on.  Diego, all of them. Perfect.

The photographs are regular pictures, taken by regular people, and those taken by professionals.  They’re interesting and tell their own story. life.

Nature photographs from Bored Panda…

30 Winning Photos Of The 2021 Nature Photographer Of The Year Awards

From: Bored Panda and they are so very, very beautiful.

Here Are My 20 Photos That Show How Precious Animals Are

From: Bored Panda…

25 Amazing Images From The 2021 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Contest That Are Running For People’s Choice Award

These are the most adorable photographs I’ve ever seen…don’t miss any of them. From: Bored Panda

50 Adorable Baby Animals To Make Your Day

These pictures from Bored Panda, are wonderful…

I’ve Spent 5 Years Capturing Various Images Of Animals, And Here Are My 43 Perfectly Timed Shots

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