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I feel as if we are turing into ghosts…passing one another, when necessary, without looking or seeing…

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People…a poem

the funny thing about people is that they’re always going or coming always traveling to or from up or down straight or around one corner or another life is all about movement and we do it with grace and beauty

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Sometimes…people wear their hearts on their skin

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People…a poem

each of us separate living in a world of our own making strangers every one some people don’t even know themselves

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Hey, people, TELL ME SOMETHING…a short story

Tony stood in front of her and started the count down.  One finger, two, three, then he pointed at her. “Hey, all you BRILLIANT people.  This is RAIDO.  You remember RADIO, don’t cha? RAIDO is where all the COOL stuff … Continue reading

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Truth…from my POV

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people go to classes to learn how to talk to each other some complain that they can’t make friends because no one looks up long enough   there are books that tell people how to live love and raise their … Continue reading

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