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Okay, here’s the thing…once and for all.

When I write about sexism, I am NOT writing about individuals.  I am writing about institutionalized, systemic, ingrained sexism.  In a patriarchal society, men run everything. When people write to me and try and defend men by saying there are … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

We live in a completely patriarchal world.   Everything we think, see, or even believe, is male.  They run the show and…if you’re thinking…here she goes again…that’s exactly what patriarchy wants you to think.  Women have been brainwashed into thinking that … Continue reading

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The cost of living in a patriarchal world…

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If we are EVER to see any real change in the world, one thing MUST happen. Patriarchy has to die, and with it male dominance over the entire world and everything in it. Without the end of patriarchy we have no hope.

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Okay, so…

Today is Women’s Equality Day.  But what does that mean?  There are pictures of badd-ass women who “changed the world,” but they are alive EVERYDAY and yet our kids have no idea who they are.  No one knows anything about … Continue reading

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