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I have been outside for two days…not finished with patio yet, and the flowers have to GROW a lot, but here are a few things I’ve been playing with…more to come. LOTS of cleaning up to do but I was too excited about the flowers to start that bit. 3 pictures

My garden has been completely torn down to the dirt. Except for these hosta plants. Emily drinking out of a birdbath when she has an immaculate stainless steel water dish. The patio is covered with rocks, flagstone and lots of other stuff but it’s cleaner than it was. Still so much to do. 2 pictures


Rocks that have to be moved into landscape.  This is just ONE small pile of rocks.

Everything is MESSY, but my garden is slowly coming along…meantime, my potted flowers are still going strong…3 pictures

This is one flower pot.  The plants are gigantic.

1. Ginger 2. Ginger and Emmie


The cats are not usually this close together.  When they are, I have to stay by them because Ginger attacks Emmie and Emmie is a lover, not a fighter.  She’s terrified, unless I’m standing by her.  Ginger meows at me, because he wants to go by her and if Em has food, he wants to see what it is.  Once  he walks far enough away, things calm down and I can go into the house.

On the patio at HANDLEBAR…

IMG_5378 IMG_5343 IMG_5376

Can’t wait to go back here.  Food was delicious.  🙂

Okay, so…


A few minutes ago, I found out that my sweet girl Ginger is actually a sweet BOY.  I think Ginger is a unisex kind of name, so he’s keeping it.  I don’t think he’ll mind.

Emmie smelling the flowers…

IMG_5287  I’m never going to be able to stop showing you pictures of the cats…so here’s another one.


Corner of my patio…This is outside my kitchen window…


The skunks were here again…


They toddled in, one after the other, around three.

Emily…3 pictures

IMG_3961 IMG_3962 IMG_3963Emily was rolling around on the leaves and just enjoying the day.  I was in the yard getting ready for the cold nights and putting things away.  She let me pet her and we had a lot of fun.  🙂

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