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It is my belief, that kids can never really know, or understand their parents.  There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that we’re their parents.  Being parents means we act in a way that is … Continue reading

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Things are different…

I know things are different, because at one time I used to look at a baby and not think about it’s future.  Now, when I see a baby, I wonder what drugs it will be on, if it will find … Continue reading

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“I told Mr. Mark that our class should do something to help kids who don’t have anything.  He’s going to look  into places that deliver toys and food to children.” “Kids here, or in other countries?” “Here?  You mean there … Continue reading

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“How’s the sub?” “He’s okay, I guess.  His name is Mr. Mark and he thinks he’s funny.  If he’s telling jokes, none of us get them.” “Maybe he’s just uncomfortable.  It’s only his first day.” “Maybe, but he seems weird.  … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, Parents…and a little luck…

“Things are better at Sandra’s house.  Her mom’s lawyer talked to her father’s lawyer and he can’t take the dog.  Sandra is back in her bedroom.” “That’s great news.” “Why is life so hard?” “Lots of reasons.  Everyone wants something … Continue reading

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Our parents

no one ever truly know their parents     their lives started long before we were born   by the time we were adults and our brains were developed enough to understand life we had changed them turned them into … Continue reading

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This is soooooooo true…even if the strict parents don’t want to believe it :)

Picture from:  Pinterest I was a truly wild child but the Minister’s kids and the Catholic girls, in their uniforms, were so over the top it wasn’t funny.   Their parents never knew a thing.  LOL  They were so much … Continue reading

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