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Okay, so…warning…run on sentences below

So, the universe is going out in ice.  For a long time, astronomers thought we might end up crispy critters but no, once they found out that the Universe was expanding they figured the sun turning into a red giant … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

When you’re alone in the middle of the ocean all you can see is the water around you.  If you looked at the ocean from above you would you would get a completely different perspective. The higher you went the … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Yesterday, on my way to cookies, presents and family…traffic stopped. I saw cop cars ahead, their lights flashing and when I finally got to the light I could see the streets, running east and west (a major street) were blocked … Continue reading

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Okay, so…a word of advice.

When people tell you they are NEVER GOING TO DO WHAT THEY JUST DID EVER AGAIN, it’s not a good idea to remind them that that’s exactly what they said the last three times they did it. Saying those words … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I’ve been thinking.  Lecturers and books try to answer the same old question, “Who are we?”  I think that’s the wrong question.  I think we should be asking, “WHAT ARE WE?”  We think we can change ourselves, become peaceful, nice … Continue reading

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