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More on Notre Dame..Highlighting is mine


Blogger Kate wrote to tell me that France owns Notre Dame, not the catholic church.

Since that’s the case, I wanted to know if the church would pay for reconstruction.  They do not seem to be the generous kind and guess what…

From the catholic news agency:

It’s not actually owned by the Archdiocese of Paris

Due to France’s laws regarding secularization, the French government owns all churches built before 1905, including Notre-Dame. The government lets the Archdiocese of Paris use the building for free, and will continue to do so in perpetuity. The Archdiocese of Paris is responsible for the upkeep of the church, as well as for paying employees.

And from CRUX, a catholic publication:

During a press conference at the Vatican on Tuesday, the head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Italian Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, suggested that the Vatican might help in the reconstruction efforts of the cathedral by lending its knowledge in restoration and art, but added that France has the funds to pay for the damage taking into account that entrance into Notre Dame had to be paid.

So, they are helping rebuild the place they use for free…with ideas.  The generosity of the catholic church is so not overwhelming.


How much money in INSURANCE
do you think the catholic church
is getting for the fire?

Even if it would be enough
to pay for the rebuilding
they would still take money
from the people.


I am not an artist. If I had any patience at all I would have added gargoyles and golden chalices but this was done quickly because I saw a thing on Bored Panda where artists had sent in drawings of Notre Dame. They were not like this one.

Okay, so…one last short thing…

One last thing about Notre Dame.  The “tragedy,” isn’t about a building that has fire damage.  The TRAGEDY is that we can SEE that people actually CAN take immediate ACTION, when something happens that THEY CARE ABOUT.

That pretty much tells me that human beings are _________________.  You can fill in your own word.

No families were left homeless and no one died…which happens all the time in fires,  The “WORLD,” doesn’t weep for the burned, the dead, the hungry, or newly homeless, and they sure as hell don’t give people money to rebuild their homes.

This incident is a TRUE snapshot of what people are and how twisted their values are as well.

Wow, you can hardly tell the difference and the Rose (stained glass windows) made it, along with other icons but people continue to cry, pray and send money. Check out what is being said. From: Bored Panda

10 Hopeful Facts To Give You Hope About The Future Of Notre Dame

These are just a FEW of the things that I think are more important than rebuilding Notre Dame…The list is incomplete and does not include pollution, corruption, violence against the gay, trans and lesbian community, poisoning of the oceans and the life in them, poisoning our own food, killing the bees and other insects/animals…and on and on…but be sure to give money to a building, because so many people seems to think the burning of the church is a real TRAGEDY.

And here we go…

Fundraising efforts begin for Notre-Dame

Fundraising efforts have immediately begun towards rebuilding the fire-ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral.

 Fundraising efforts have immediately begun towards rebuilding the fire-ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The New York-based French Heritage Society and the Go Fund Me crowdsourcing platform were among the first to offer help for a cathedral that is a must-see destination for visitors to Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron said an international campaign would be launched to raise funds for the rebuilding of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The French Heritage Society, an American non-profit group dedicated to preserving French architectural and cultural treasures, launched a web page to raise money for the cathedral’s restoration.

“Notre-Dame is obviously an architectural marvel and most certainly a monument that should be restored,” Jennifer Herlein, the executive director of the society, said.

Herlein could not immediately say how much her organisation had raised for Notre-Dame. Eventually, the funds raised will go directly to the cathedral, she said.

At the website GoFundMe, more than 50 campaigns related to the cathedral fire had been launched globally on Monday, John Coventry, a spokesman for Go Fund Me, said.

Some of the Go Fund Me campaigns had not listed any money raised by late Monday, and several joke campaigns were created through Go Fund Me to help Quasimodo, the fictional character in Victor Hugo’s 19th century novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Notre-Dame Cathedral has looked to international donors for past renovation efforts.

In 2017, Michel Picaud, president of Friends of Notre-Dame De Paris, told the New York Times his group planned to organise gala dinners, concerts and other events to raise funds in France and the US for restoration work at the cathedral.

Meanwhile, the family investment firm of French luxury goods magnate Francois-Henri Pinault will contribute 100 million euros ($A158 million) towards the rebuilding of the cathedral, news agency AFP has reported.

“Faced with such a tragedy, everyone wishes to give life back as soon as possible to this jewel of our heritage,” Pinault wrote in a press statement.

Pinault is president and chief executive of the luxury goods firm Kering, which owns brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. The contribution will come from the Pinault family’s investment firm.

Australian Associated Press

Okay, so…

Life is fleeting. We’re born into an obstacle course and we are on it until we die.  Some races are slow and some are faster than we can manage, but somehow, most of us keep going.  Even if we only get an hour for lunch.

We live on a planet that never stops reinventing itself, changing constantly, taking things away and bringing new things to the forefront, in the form of catastrophic events, over which, we have absolutely no control.  We’re okay with that, living at the foot of a volcano, at the edge of an ocean, on land below sea level, building houses on fault lines.  We have the ability to ignore the things around us.  The danger, the idiocy, the lessons of the past.  That’s the way it has to be, of course, or we’d never do anything at all.

We decide what’s important and what is not.  We decide EVERYTHING, while we march, second by second toward the EXIT.  Again, our brain tells us not to think about the end, but just believe that we are going to live forever, or at least long enough to do stuff, either way, there’s nothing to worry about.  And our brain is right.  If we knew ahead of time, what our lives were going to be like, when and how we were going to die, well, where’s the fun in THAT?  Right? I mean we’d try and change things, in order to stop the bad things from happening.

Our priorities, as human beings, are twisted and not life affirming.  Money, status, beauty (which changes constantly), things, names, position, etc., are pretty much all that matters nowadays.  We are kept in line through violence and threat.  We are conditioned to be sheep from our first breath and we rarely leave our jail cells, even though the doors are open.

We send our children to be killed in wars for profit.  We DESTROY other countries and cultures, we brutalize women and children, animals and the environment and call ourselves civilized.  We do all of those things, while horrified and shocked at the loss of a building in Paris.

Why is there no outcry for the children raped by the priests?  For women beaten and murdered by men who see them as prey, as things, to be taken and used for their own pleasure or needs?  Why is there no outcry for the poverty stricken grandmothers on the streets of Paris?  Where are the voices screaming about children raped by…everyone, including those who are supposed to protect them?  Where is the outcry for clean water, enough food, housing, education, medical treatment?  I don’t see the 24-hour news saddened and upset about ANY of those things.  But a building?  Brinks, stones, glass, pretty statues…THAT is what matters.  Not the masses, not the individuals, not the living beings.  But a building.  I don’t get that.

I think of all the white crosses under which our children and loved ones lay.  Lives cut short, while no one is in the street shouting that enough is enough.  No one is asking for MONEY to rebuild lives, those of the wounded, the families broken apart by death.  Homeless kids, their parents tortured and murdered.

But a building, which feels no pain, which has no desire to continue, needs no food, or shelter, or medicine…THAT’S WHAT WE ARE UPSET ABOUT.

How is that possible?  Maybe god got sick of the way people were acting.  Maybe god wants people to wear sandals and sit on a rock and talk to each other.  May god, is sick of his minions raping children, hoarding wealth, telling lies, being evil, promising heaven, for money, when no one knows whether or not it exists, maybe, if there is a god, that god is pissed off.  Or maybe not.

Maybe it’s not a lesson but I don’t see why that shouldn’t be as true as anything else people make up about their god.  So, I’m going with that.  Maybe all the gods got together over a game of cards and felt bored, or sold out.  Who knows?  Then one of them, probably the catholic god, since he punishes everyone who doesn’t obey, said, let’s teach humans a lesson.  Let’s give them another chance to see what’s really important.  Let’s burn a lovely, iconic, money making, important piece of real estate to the ground, and see if they catch on.

Ganesh, of course, wanted to stop poaching and save the elephants, Buddha, just wanted to meditate and have people wait on him, as always.   One by one, each god wanted something for HIMSELF.  Quan Yin, said, “Hey, I’m still not opening my eyes until all suffering on earth has ceased.”  The men all laughed at her, yelling, “Good luck with that and I like your dress.”

So the fire started and people jumped into action, to save the iconic and beautiful building.  But it burned and burned and the hungry were not sated, and the beaten were still bleeding and the children were still broken and dying and the killing continued, as people PRAYED TO THEIR GOD TO SAVE A BURNING BUILDING.

It doesn’t matter what the building stood for.  It was a building.  Art is not meant to last forever, that’s why we clean out closets, to make room for new ideas and things.

Living beings should matter.  They should count for more than a building and art.  But they don’t.  There’s something wrong with that.  Dead building vs living beings.  Hmmmm.  People are willing to pay for a ticket to heaven, just not to stop hunger and violence.

Yeah, I will NEVER understand that.

Everything dies.  The earth and our star will eventually die. The universe will die. Death is the other half of life.  Buildings die too, and art.  Every single thing that exists…will die. This is a place of life and death.  That’s what it is.  Now sit back and watch the money roll in and the rebuilding begin.  No matter how much it costs, that church is going up.  There’s no money to help people but you can be sure, there will be all the money that is needed to rebuild Notre Dame.


My cousin called and said, “Notre Dame in Paris, is on fire.” To be honest, my first thought was: Shakespeare & Company is kitty corner, so I hope they contain the fire so the bookstore doesn’t burn. I’ve been to Notre Dame a couple of times. They’ll rebuild, most likely using money from the poor and working class, so the rich church can keep its gold. They expect donations from around the world. Everyone was worried about the statues and art but they supposedly believe that life after death is what’s important, and that everything is only here for a short time, so it’s okay to let things go, even great works of art. Right? A million things could be said about the beauty of the architecture, but it was really dark inside. It’s a huge loss and very sad. The bookstore was fine.

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Reflection of an Angel

This angel was reflected on the wall inside Notre Dame.

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