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Edith…Nineteen…final chapter

Weed was walking and shuffling papers in her hands.  She stopped by the bunny pen and dropped a carrot, lettuce and some kibble onto the grass.  She stepped over the wire and sat down.  “How have you been, Bunner?”  The rabbit jumped into her lap and promptly fell asleep. “Humm,” she said to herself.  “Now I can’t move until she wakes up.”

“I can move her for you,” said Edith, walking up behind her.  “She won’t even know it.  We can put her blankets in the sun and she’ll be happy.  I just fed the wolves and they seem happy to be here.  Moss has taken a liking to Lightening and they hang out together, go on long walks and tell each other secrets, at least that’s what he said.”

“I’m happy for them,” said Weed.  “Two more kids went to live with their real parents yesterday.”

“Do you think Moonbeam will stay with hers?”

“It’s iffy.  She really didn’t want to leave but she’s older and thought she should give them a chance.”

“She can always come back, unless she stays there too long.  Then, well…it will be too late to return.  And the worry about not having children in Fairy, once we all grow up, well your idea of bring orphans and abused children to Fairy was a brilliant idea.”

“Thank you,” said Weed, blushing.  “Most of the kids I’ve spoken to don’t even want to look for their parents.  They’re happy here.  They don’t want to leave.”

“I’m staying, that’s for sure,” said Edith.

“Edith,” called Lilly.  “The Queen wants you to round up the children and go to the Palace for Story Hour.  She said not to be late.”

“We better get everyone together,” said Weed.  “I hope the snacks are as good as last time,” she giggled.

Edith stared at her friend.  “Are you going to leave?” she asked.

“I’m not,” answered Weed.  “We have a lot of work to do here and besides, some one has to take care of you.”

“Hey, I’m older than you by two months,” said Edith firmly.

“Yeah, but I’m smarter than you are,” snickered Weed.

The girls started laughing, because that’s what happy kids do…they tell the truth, trust each other and they laugh together.



The Queen became known as Good Queen Ivy.  She put an end to swapping children with humans and she decreed that anyone who didn’t want to wear shoes at court could stop wearing them.  She swapped her jeweled crown for one made of flowers and she stated that she would kill as few beings as possible.  She had dinner parties for anyone who wished to attend and Story Hour was became one of her favorite things.  She passed Lilly’s laws and homes were built for human children who were offered art, dancing and flying lessons, at the Palace.  The flying lessons were quickly dropped, however, due to an astounding and utter lack of success.

Steven begged Lilly to love him again but while she said that she still cared for him, she admitted to being far too happy to ever tie herself to anyone again.  In an effort to win her favor he began making kites that would hold a human child in the air for quiet some time. He told Lilly that by using his kites, the children wouldn’t feel bad about their inability to get off the ground.

Edith and Weed continued to live with Lilly but could often be found at Buttercup’s.  Scott was delighted to have two daughters and everyone agreed that for a human male, who was never stolen, he was okay.

Weed and Edith reorganized the Palace library.  Lilly took the children shopping in the human world, so they could buy books they thought everyone would enjoy.  They also brought back peanut butter, jelly, boxes of cereal and cream cheese.

In the beginning, attempts were made on the Queen’s life, so she kept Lightening and Thunder, Edith’s wolves, by her side, until things calmed down.  Soon the fairies decided that perhaps not killing everyone was a good idea, so the death count dropped dramatically. They also thought that it might be okay to open their doors and let human children in. Few human children accepted their offers, preferring to stay together, but there were two or three who chose to have a family of their own.

The Queen could often be found dancing in the fields, riding her fairy horse and generally having a good time.  She strongly suggested that others follow her lead and just enjoy their lives.  Because Ivy knew what it was like to live by the rules and she knew what it was like to be free and that’s what she wanted for all of Fairy…freedom.  Because with freedom, came happiness and the flowers grew bigger and the rivers sang louder and everything, everywhere. hummed with joy.

Transformation is possible, if we simply change our thoughts/beliefs/traditions and refuse to let other have power over us.


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