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Nightime…a story of revenge

Some call them a coven, but they aren’t witches.  They are simply a group of dedicated women who are tired of looking the other way when violence against women is everywhere, and the screams of their battered and violated sisters, … Continue reading

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Night…a poem

in the darkest night when thoughts start circling I try to remember what it was like when you were still here and made everything alright

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The Merchandise Mart at night…Chicago

cities are gorgeous at night you can’t see this in the country maybe they look at the stars instead but being downtown at night especially when there’s fireworks is like being in an alternate reality the beauty can’t be explained … Continue reading

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with the setting sun a new world is slowly born a world of darkness and sometimes when no one is looking monsters appear clawing and drifting through the night walking through invisible doors of blackness into the hearts and minds … Continue reading

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in the still of the night if you listen closely you can hear the rustle of soft wings settling  around warm feathered bodies the songs of the trees sung by their leaves played by the breeze as colorful flower petals … Continue reading

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This is a reblog. I did it a long time ago but just came across it and thought it was perfect, since it’s nighttime.

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Night…a poem

the night is pressing against my window asking me to come out and play to dance and twirl in the street to give in to its dark wings and smokey promises

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night has fallen and the darkness is calling asking me to come out and play I shake my head and refuse but the shadows wrap around me and I lean in listening to the nightsong he sings following the steps … Continue reading

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Just another Night poem…

the music was hypnotic the darkness misty black I knew within an instant that the night and stars were back   he brushed against the window and twirled through the trees come out come out and dance with me oh … Continue reading

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summer has finally moved in and made a nest   the sun has been out for days     the nights are amazing   Emily the cat is sprawled on the patio her fur ruffled by a sweet breeze   … Continue reading

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