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Okay, so…

I went to Barnes today and many of the magazines were about the nightmares being caused by Global Warming and Climate Change.  So many articles were about crumbling governments, countries and people trying to escape death and misery.  It’s terrible … Continue reading

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Visitors are always welcome…

Picture from:  Pixabay

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Some things…a poem

there are some things that live their entire lives unseen by our eyes they are born live and perish with only their song and friendly birds or animals to touch them now and then no human voices no fear just … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

In the scheme of things, even on this planet, we’re amazingly tiny.  I mean nature is huge and tough, we’re more like pebbles.  Very small pebbles.  But in spite of our size, our egos and emotions can destroy mountains, kill … Continue reading

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I worked in the yard all day long.  The patio was clean.  But I just fed Emily and the patio is covered with leaf wrappings.  The bits and pieces that hold new bud in place until they are ready to … Continue reading

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May you find balance in your life…

everything in nature is in balance except for us

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Nature…a poem

winter doesn’t care whether we live or die whether we’re happy frozen miserable depressed or dancing on our toes with joy darkness doesn’t care whether we can see or not whether we fall down the stairs or walk into a … Continue reading

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