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Milwaukee Art Museum…3 pictures

Artful cabinet.

Art installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum…2 pictures

Milwaukee Art Museum…

Outdoor art installations.

Milwaukee Art Museum…

Artist:  Marino Marini, Italian, 1901-1980
Horse with Head Looking up, 1956

Milwaukee Art Museum…

IMG_4485 IMG_4484

This suitcase was just sitting on the floor.  When you looked inside, there was a grate that led to an underground world, with a stream, plants, and someone standing there.  It was very cool.

From the Milwaukee Art Museum…

This sculpture is made out of buttons.

Sculpture at the Milwaukee Art Museum (4 pictures)…the detail was amazing


Photograph…Milwaukee Art Museum

This was a captivating photograph.  You could almost feel the couple’s happiness.  Their clothing is wonderful…I love her hat and his suspenders.  Just a great shot.

From the Milwaukee Art Museum…

This chair is made out of porcelain.  It was beautiful, delicate and magical.


The seven photographs below were taken at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The exhibit is called Horizontal….(I forgot the rest).  Anyway, you go into a dim room and there are numbers EXPLODING all over the walls, dancing, dripping, onto that floor, constantly moving (fast) and changing shapes and size. Every design is different. There’s a bench to sit on and really, it’s easy to  become mesmerized.  The last picture is my favorite but it only lasted a second before something else started running.  It was a lot of fun.  Great installation.  We did see some number eights, but mostly the numbers only to go seven.


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