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Wheels, gears and cogs…a poem

black and brown wooden wall decor

the wheels
and gears
but we don’t get
any smarter
not about what matters
we build better
like guns
and other weapons
instead of building
I don’t think
our species
is capable
of those things
on a grand scale
we are death
to living things
as the wheels
and cogs
and guns
keep getting made
because that’s
what’s important
to the men in charge
to the men
we have allowed
to threaten
and destroy
all life
on this planet


Photo:  Zolan Tasi

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Texan Valedictorian Addresses The State’s Anti-Abortion Bill After Dropping Her Approved Speech At The Last Minute


If this doesn’t make you sick, you need to look again…

Monks, Praying, Prayer, Bangkok, Asia

Okay, so…

We live in a completely patriarchal world.   Everything we think, see, or even believe, is male.  They run the show and…if you’re she goes again…that’s exactly what patriarchy wants you to think.  Women have been brainwashed into thinking that what they’ve been told is real, when it’s NOT.  They have been taught to believe that what people like me say about THEM, makes me a bitch, or a nagging bitch, for even bringing this up…again.

When I write short stories where a woman stabs a man, I can assume that at least one, or two, women frowns upon it, or think that I’m bitter, a man hater, or any number of things, and that’s fine with me. I’ve been called a lot worse, believe me.

The thing is, women have been taught to protect men, to let them get away with beating, raping, and killing us, and even putting us in houses to work and raise kids, while they enjoy the world outside and have all the freedom they want.  But hey…that’s what THEY want us to do, and they have made the world in such a way, that women believe that’s what we’re SUPPOSED to do too.  It’s NOT.  We get the jobs they don’t want.  Remember that.

As for writers, take poet Charles Bukowski (he’s dead now).  He’s vile and treats women like GARBAGE, things to be used and called disgusting names.  He’s pretty much a moron.  People read him.  They love him, especially men.  But what female poets write about men the same way?  See, women aren’t SUPPOSED to do that to men.  They aren’t ALLOWED to write that way.  When they do, the punishment can be severe.  Their career destroyed, name calling shows up immediately…man hater (which I love because no one calls male writers, women haters…EVER).  And, critics will pretty much destroy women with words.  Women cannot hate men the way men can freely hate women.  It’s simply not allowed.

Men do the most horrendous things to women in real life, in books, in films, in VIDEO GAMES, pretty much everywhere they can, but women, are supposed to be NICE, or at least SHUT THE FUCK UP!

We really aren’t  ALL nice.  We’ve simply been silenced, written out of history, and pretty much ERASED.  That might be okay with you, but it’s not okay with me.

Men are in control and they don’t want us to have any power at all.  So, they make sure we don’t have it.  You can tell because you can name the handful of women whose names you might recognize (most of them will be ancient).  Even Mary Cassatt, the only female, American Impressionist, isn’t mentioned 99% of the time for even BEING THERE, let alone working the same way the MEN were.   The MEN get all the credit and MUSUEM SPACE.

So, if I kill off a few men, now and then, I think it’s only fair.  I don’t torture them, lock them in a room in a basement, beat them, chain them to anything, rape or cut them, I don’t do all the things men do to women, so I think I’m allowed to stab a guy who won’t let a woman have her tea in a cafe, at least once in awhile.

Women are just now learning about their own herstory.  It’s sketchy because a lot of information was lost, or never written down.  Plus women’s names have been lost, having taken the names of their husband.  ERASED.

Here’s the thing.  Women writers are locked into two positions.  They can write stories that are acceptable to patriarchy, or they can write how they feel and be condemned as a shrew, and destroyed.  See, that’s how men have us shut us up, with no way out.  Fortunately, there are more options for women today, but it’s still difficult and most women won’t read what other women are writing, if it’s about serious issues, instead of novels, romance and otherwise.  Women don’t want to know, or else they just don’t care.  Maybe, they just don’t want to deal with the fact that their lives have been stolen from them and they didn’t even realize it.  And, most women just won’t believe it.  They also won’t believe that things could be, or should be, any different.

The overwhelming majority of men do not read books written by women.  They don’t have to.  Boys don’t want to read books they believe are written for girls.  That’s because females don’t matter, don’t count, and are despised.  Believe it or not, it’s still true.  Girls and women read books written by men all the time.  We should stop that.   We should support women authors and see what happens to male authors, when WOMEN STOP READING THEM.  Maybe that will wake them up a little, since more women than men actually read.  I very rarely buy books written by men, unless they are about science, or a particular artist.  I always buy books written by women.  I wish I could get women to stop supporting men, so they could see what kind of power we actually have in the marketplace.  But see, patriarchy has taught us that male is better, more intelligent, blah, blah, blah…but it’s NOT.  Women are ALWAYS taught to support men, especially over other women.  Gag!

Anyway, no one will care.  They rarely do.  Try getting a man in your life to read your favorite female author.  Not a romance novel, or Pride and Prejudice, something violent and fast. Good luck.

Oh, and it’s not just female writers, it’s artists too.  It’s in everything.  Including how we dress, stand POSE, smile, talk and look.

So, that’s what I’ve been thinking about today.  How about you?


The rich man…

money doesn’t make you bigger
not having it doesn’t make you smaller
when the rich man is dead
his bones look like everyone else’s
because he IS exactly
like everyone else
but for his delusions
of grandeur
and conceit
but the witches
still live
and the curses
are still cast
and the rich man
the controlling man
the one who cares not
for others
the one who thinks
women belong to him
will reap what what sows
because his forefathers
couldn’t kill us all

Okay, so…choice


Here’s the thing.  Anyone with a working brain cell knows that people cannot be stopped from doing what they want to do.  Think prohibition.  Think anything you like, even speeding.  Nothing stops us.  All the morons who make the rules do, is drive things underground.  Nothing STOPS because they say it should.

Few stopped drinking, during prohibition, but the speakeasies and the mob made a lot of money, of which the government surely got its cut.  Prohibition just made a lot of people rich.  It also made drinking more exciting and dangerous but it didn’t stop it.

The government will NEVER stop women from having abortions.  Before Roe v Wade they had them.  They’ve always had them.  They will NEVER stop having them and they will die having them, if proper medical care is unavailable, which is the price women are expected to pay for having sex in the first place, even if they are raped.  The miserable, ugly, mean, disgusting, hateful, controlling, horrific, males who are in charge of things have no right to tell a woman which medical procedures she can, or cannot have.  That’s between a woman and her doctor.

The right wing morons blew up medical clinics last time, even though clients went there to be treated for cancer and other diseases.  They harassed doctors, blocking their home driveways and threatening them, as well as their families.  They KILLED doctors.  Blew up office workers.  See, they don’t actually care about the fetus, or life in general, they care ABOUT CONTROLLING WOMEN.

The fewer women who have control over their bodies the fewer threats the miserable morons will have to fear.  And really, this is all about fear and freedom.  Handmaids Tale was no joke.  Margaret Atwood also said, ‘MEN ARE AFRAID WOMEN WILL LAUGH AT THEM AND WOMEN ARE AFRAID MEN WILL KILL THEM.”  Well, they will kill them and they won’t care.  It’s once again, PUNISHMENT for having sex.  The men in charge are immoral human beings, who feel god-like and hand down edicts to the masses as if they have the right to do so.

This country hates women.  We are always at war, even if some women have been trained and brainwashed to reject that truth.  Everything that happens here proves how much we are despised.  We are not in the Constitution and the ERA has to pass in one state at a time, if that state feels like letting it pass.  We have no laws that punish men for rape, beating women, killing them, not paying child support, or paying them less for the same work the men do.  The things they call laws are as useless as the non-bullying rules in schools.  They’re a joke.  Men literally get away with murder.

So, hangers and knitting needles will come back.  Back alley abortions will return and the ugly, miserable hateful, ratbasterds will sit back and smile at how many of us they kill.  Young girls will die.  Becky Bell, the teenage girl whose name is on the bracelet I wear, died from an illegal abortion.


Women are abused by the society in which we live, at every turn.  Brainwashed into believing that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING, while men are told they can do as they please.

The first rule of FREEDOM, as far as I’m concerned, is having the right to do what you want to do with YOUR OWN BODY.



The kids of those who vote to kill R v Wade won’t die.  They can get as many abortions as they like because they don’t have to live by the rules and stupid illegal laws their ugly, hateful, disgusting fathers hand down to the masses.  Their mothers can have as many as they like as well.

I believe that every woman who dies from an illegal abortion should be placed on the lawn of the White House.  Seeing is believing.  We aren’t numbers and statistics.  We OWN our own bodies.

I made the t-shirt (above)  last time they messed with us in ’89.   They treat us like cattle because that’s what they believe we are.  I’m going to wear my shirt again.  I thought I wouldn’t have to do that but I’m getting all my old Choice shirts out AGAIN.  Because WOMEN HAVE NO VOICE AND WOMEN HAVE NO RIGHTS.

Poor women are going to have a bad time of it again.  They always do but the ugly, disgusting, morons in washington don’t care about poor people, THAT’S WHY POOR PEOPLE EXIST.

MEN NEED TO FIGHT TO KEEP WOMEN AND GIRLS SAFE.  But they won’t.  They never do.  This isn’t their problem.  They don’t get pregnant.  They get to walk away, like they alway get to walk away.  They never die because they are desperate and afraid.  NEVER.


Think about that.  Males are making the laws for something that has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with them, or with their bodies.


Horrifying how much men hate women…and their fear and hatred leads to death and misery but they don’t care as long as they believe they can control us…

The thing is wealthy women can get safe abortions, the ones married to the men who vote against them.  They can always fly to France or any other more enlightened and less hatefully sexist countries and have a mini vacation and get things taken care of.  It’s poor women and teenagers who suffer and often die because of UGLY, hateful men who despise them.

This quote is from my friend Candy.  Thanks dear friend.  Sisterhood rocks.

Okay, so…

I don’t know about you but I never stop being embarrassed by the poses women make in print.  They look ridiculous, bent into strange positions, their faces contorted into…into I don’t know what.  They posture and twist and try to look coy and sexy, in ways that are completely unnatural to…mmmm, anyone I’ve ever seen in real life.

It’s strange what we expect women to do to sell themselves, to stay alive.  Looking weird and like idiots is one way, trying to be invisible is another, I guess.  Lots of doors are closed to women where no doors even exist for men.

It’s sad and dangerous.  Models have said that their bodies hurt after posing, because the poses are so unnatural.  But that’s just another thing men apparently want to see and women give it to them because it sells.

I look away, because I wouldn’t want my daughter to look like that.  I wouldn’t want her to  be ogled by strange and icky men.  It’s something that desensitizes men to what women are like, even more.  Because women don’t usually sit in weird poses to have breakfast. their lips glistening, their hair teased, etc.   Some men are disappointed that real women aren’t like the women in the media.  No one is like the women in the media, not even the women in the media.  But women are used and sold everyday.

Men always look important and in control.  Women look like idiots.  Weak, brainless, and pathetic.  I mean I am a women.  I know lots of women and we agree, that what sells is just more tearing down of women’s credibility and self esteem.

When I see young girls try to imitate the women who are sold, it makes me frustrated and angry.  They want to be pretty, like the models who are airbrushed to death and fussed over for hours by make up people, hair people and lighting people, to get that one fake shot.  The girls will never look like the models because the models don’t look like the models.

Things are definitely better today, at least in some ways.  They used to have ads selling women’s products with a woman, acting as a lawyer, in her underwear in front of a robed judge and other men.

Women finally ended those things.  But girls are faced with entertainment people who are supposed to look glamorous and wonderful and they want to look like them as well.  Music video’s are filled with negative images of women.

I’m so tired of women being portrayed as sex objects, or other strange, usable and disposable, things.  I wonder if the people who come up with these ideas had mothers who looked the way the females they dress up, look.

I think portraying women in this fake and horrible way just adds more danger to a woman’s life.  Some men, who are unable to tell reality from fantasy, hurt women because they believe they are like the women they see in film and in print.

Women, many who have had to sell themselves to survive, have always been kept down so they would be forced to comply with what men wanted.  It’s sick, cruel and hateful.  It’s wrong and I want to reverse the tables so they can have a taste of it.

Funny how men don’t want to go to prison, isn’t it?  Some of them fear being used like women.  I don’t think they understand that that is what they have done, because women hating is a natural part of our culture.   Men don’t seem to like it when the roles are reversed.  No man wants to be treated like a woman and who can blame them?  Women don’t want to be treated the way they are treated either.

It’s supposedly better in some countries, where women are treated more fairly and equality isn’t a dirty word.  Truthfully, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in a  place like that.  It’s the old fish in the water thing.  I’ve only been swimming here, so I have no experience swimming where sharks don’t exist.

Some men can get upset abut what happens to their daughters, or sisters, but they don’t seem to understand that the women they abuse are also someone’s daughter, sister  or mother.  Somehow that doesn’t register.  As my professor said, “Men hate women as a group, but are capable of caring for one or two they are close to.”

I’m absolutely horrified about all the films that show kidnapped women.  Horrified that things like that actually happen.  You should be horrified too.  Horrified for your daughters and any women you love or care about.  Any women who can be grabbed and tortured.  It’s insane that things like this are considered entertainment.

Men make the ugly world we live in.  If you think I’m wrong then tell me what women do that makes it the way it is. How many wars have we started?  As a gender, how much damage do we do and why?   Women are kept poor and powerless.  We have no voice in what happens to us.  Men made this kind of life and all women suffer because of what they made.   On the whole, they made a world of fear, threat, violence, cruelty, ugliness, hatefulness and death.  Men in so many countries are simply brutal to women and it’s their RIGHT to treat them that way and to kill them.  It doesn’t get any more hateful than that.



We’re used to SEEING and EXPECTING women to look twisted, pouting, or perhaps as if they’re having a religious experience. Men NEVER want to look stupid and pathetic. They want to look cool, causal, in control, and as if they have a working brain cell. It was almost impossible to find a picture of a man posing like a woman. This is a “parody” shot, but he’s not doing the pout. No chicken lips for him.

Image result for free pictures men posing like women

Okay, so…bits and pieces.

No matter who we are, or what we do, we all end up in the same place at the end…dead.  No one alive knows what happens after that.  Absolutely no one.

It’s weird that so many people live their lives with an after death goal in mind, but frightened people do things like that, or those who want to hedge their bets, I guess.  Seems like you should be a nice person without expecting a reward, or counting points or beads, but obviously, other people think differently.

I just live and do whatever I want because no one ever knows what consequences will be lurking in the shadows.  I never worry.  Not about anything.  It doesn’t do any good and it makes life miserable.  I see it in other people.  All any of us can do is the best we can, while we’re here.  We can’t possibly know what effects what we do, may or may not have on others or just in general.  We just guess, make stuff up and fantasize.

See, once you understand that we don’t know ANYTHING AT ALL, life becomes just life.  We aren’t responsible for how anyone else thinks or acts.  We’re only responsible for ourselves.  People may love the things we do, or hate them, but that’s up to them, not us.

See, things just are.  Each individual puts his/her own meaning on whatever it is.  That’s why we can’t solve our problems.  No consensus.

“I love oak trees.”

“I hate oak trees, they’re messy.”

“Their beautiful.”

“They’re not.”

That kind of thing.  The oak tree is just an oak tree.  It doesn’t worry about being messy, it just does tree things.  Humans judge and label everything.  We’re crazy.  The tree is sane and doesn’t even know what an oak IS.

That’s what people forget.  We make things up and pretend they are real when they aren’t.  When the first beings, like humans, started standing upright, they didn’t know one tree from another, or what the grass on the open plain was.  They didn’t have language to call it anything, at least not right away.  We made everything up, gods, the names of things, everything.  IT’S ALL PRETEND.

Some cultures celebrate death.  Others, wail, eat the hearts of people or animals, or do whatever.   The bottom line is, death is just death…like the oak tree.  We NAMED it death but we have no clue what it is or what it calls itself, if anything.  And no one, looks at death the same way.

We hold on so tightly to out made up beliefs.  We fight wars over them.  Our children die for them and they aren’t even real.  I think we are the living definitions of what we label insanity. But, since we can make up anything we like, we call ourselves sane and civilized.  I beg to differ, but no one cares what I think.  If I say it too often or too loudly, I’ll get a made up label slapped on me. Besides, the ones called trouble maker and bitch.

We pass these pretend ideas from one generation to the next, as if the meanings we attach to them are actually real.  They aren’t.  The oak tree still doesn’t know the difference between an oak or elm and may not even know what a tree is.  We don’t know what a human is, where it’s from, what’s wrong with it, or why it lies all the time.

It’s all such a joke.  A joke that people take so seriously.  If we could agree that we don’t know anything and laugh at ourselves I think we would be better off.  When the truth does show up, we kill it, alter it, or deny that it exists.  It’s all so perfect.

We are egomaniacal beyond belief, believing that some humans are better than others and that humans have the right to kill whatever, or whoever we like.  We turn life into a bullying and spoiled brat boys world where they have temper tantrums and kill each other because they want each other’s toys.  That’s really all it is, you know.

Still, at the end, all the money and toys won’t keep anyone alive.  They can have their heads cut off and frozen, their minds/thoughts downloaded into a computer, or do whatever they like, but dead is dead.  It’s like taking the shoe off the Monopoly board when you’ve lost and hanging onto it, imagining you can just start to play again later…even after the game’s over and the box put away.

I’m not saying that someday that won’t be possible but look in your freezer and see what long term freezer burn looks like.  Cryogenics may or may not be the answer.  I’m guessing, it’s not.  More ego. We still don’t have flying cars.

Maybe people should spend money on keeping ALL people healthy now, while they are alive, rather than spend a fortune to keep a rich guy’s head in storage, but what do I know.

We’re so desensitized to violence, that killing doesn’t really bother anyone any longer, unless it happens to someone close to them.  Violence, hatred, inequality are the norm.  Everyone is an addict, too busy doing their drug of choice to bother with the decline of the earth and life itself.  Another reason to believe we’re mad.

Do you think if the world was fair and a better place, people would do as many drugs, get drunk every night, or do any of the things they do to kill their own reality, or enhance it, as the case may be?  How about that suicide rate?  It’s always been high, so the catholics made it a sin and that’s one more lie they drilled into their followers heads and, naturally they now believe that it’s a mortal sin.  What’s a sin?  Something that rapist catholic guys made up to get more money from their flock?  Cuz that’s why they made suicide a sin in the first place.  Empty pews, no coins.

All pretend.  Men dressed in Halloween costumes acting as if they know something and people bowing and kneeling as if they agreed.  How does that happen to people?  Brainwashing and conditioning are terrible things.  They plays to insanity and psychosis, also to FEAR.

People who believe they’re important often have money and it’s really the money that’s important.  If someone has more money than they do, those people are more important.  The people are immaterial.  Everyone just loves money.  Money, is something we made up and printed ourselves and then let idiots tell us how much we can all have.  See money isn’t real either and if people are in a burning building, money won’t help them get out.  No one thinks about money in that kind of crisis.  Time and place.

Many men don’t think women are important but if we left, LOLOLOLOLOL  Yeah, well, you can think about that one yourself.

Part of the reason women are not ALLOWED in positions of power is because they don’t always want the same things men want.  Herstorically, women don’t want war.  Women are often more fair then men.  Men hate that kind of thing.  They hate anyone having power but themselves.  Greedy, selfish, bullying, nasty, take your ball and go home little boys in suits.  There’s also the fear that women are smarter and better than men in some cases and that would never do.  The cover on, I think it was TIME, said that Judaism has changed because of female rabbis and men don’t have as much power.  Poor guys.  Still can’t touch some of them, or they have to take a million showers.  My Jewish BFF did that to a rabbi and laughed all the way home.   “You should have seen the look on his face when I touched his bare arm!”

Here’s what I would like to see.  I’d like it if every woman in the United States would go to Vegas and stay there for two months, without phones or any kind of communication to the outside world.  After two months, if they wanted to stay longer they could.  I realize that Vegas is too small to hold all of us, so maybe Paris or Italy.  Anyway, I’d just like us to all stop doing everything that keeps life going.  Stop it completely, like in Pleasantville, when dinner isn’t on the table.  Let men figure out what to do without us.  What would they do with the kids?  Take them to work?  Open day care facilities, with men caring for the babies?  No dropping them off at MOM’S, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, the women would be catching a tan, having meetings to develop a new way of life.  Asking ourselves the part we want men to play in our lives.  Do we want to stop having kids completely and give the planet a break?  Writing new laws to deal with violent men, no second chances.  There would be swimming, reading, dancing, laughing, just having a great time, without any responsibility.  A “Girl’s few months out.”

Sure a lot of us love men but they supposedly love us too and look where’s that’s gotten us.  We have to do this for ourselves.  We are the UNPAID LABOR FORCE.  Our job, raising the next generation doesn’t seem important enough to get a pay check.  Let them do it.  Oh, wait, that’s right, any jobs women have are the jobs men don’t want.

Well, we could talk about that at one of our meetings.  No secretaries, Personal Assistants, teachers, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, staying up with sick kids, no anything.  Maybe men would see what women actually did, so men could do what they did.

Close your eyes and think of an America without women.

Maybe we should start a sign up sheet.




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