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Look at all the humans…

Meerkats, Family, Suricate, Mongoose

the meerkats
watched the humans
rush back and forth
and thought about
how lucky they were
to be a different species

Three little girls from school are they…

Meerkats, Furry, Mammal, Family, Zoo

Meerkats are adorable.    They’re fuzzy and wear just the right amount of eye makeup to make them stand out.  And let’s not forget that they’re always smiling.  What’s not to love?  They can live from 12-14 years in captivity and adults weigh about 1.6 lbs.  Apparently, they eat beetles, caterpillars and spiders, among other things.  I’m crazy about them.

Picture:  Pixabay


James and Scamp were dancing, (Meerkats love to dance) when a photographer shot this photo. They were rather put out, seeing as how it was their first date.

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