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Masks…a poem

locked in afraid of being touched little eye contact people rushing back and forth the pandemic making strangers out of all of us   Photo:  Pixabay

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Masks…a poem

born into a world of masks never seeing smiles or frowns not learning to read faces other skills will have to surface to give clues to what a person is thinking breathing is harder inhaling stale air a new way … Continue reading

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From: Candy (Wear a MASK so they don’t have to)

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Wear it…

Photo:  Jon Tyson Unsplash

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Masks…a poem

MASKS are common everyone wears them if not all the time at least now and then some are more obvious than others often they are used for celebrations or rituals some MASKS are beautiful others are rough even crude most … Continue reading

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Masks…a poem

some people wear their masks so well no one notices they aren’t who they pretend to be

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Masks…what if

while it might be true that some people wear masks maybe even all of us what if people wore them like the woman above what if every person painted themselves to look the way they felt you know what would … Continue reading

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What if….

Pixabay Since we are all under constant surveillance, what if we all wore these masks everywhere we went, so that the government couldn’t use facial recognition on us when we have done absolutely nothing wrong?  I think it’s a wonderful … Continue reading

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