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Girls are magic…a poem

toddler girl wearing teal and white polka-dot long-sleeved shirt and white tutu skirt outfit walking on green sod at daytime

girls know they’re magic
from their very first breath
is something that society
takes from them
lies to them about
makes sure they don’t
believe in themselves
or their magic
so they bury it
but it’s always there
telling them something
is missing
telling them
that their heart
is only half alive
but now
it’s time
to get in touch with that
part of themselves
and fight
the bloody hell
it’s too late


Photo:  Majorie Betrand

Magic…a poem.

the magic’s
all around us
but you can only see it
if you look
for it
with eyes
wide open
then the colors
and ley lines
present themselves
if you don’t believe
everything you see
will simply
turn into
a comic book
with heroes


Photo:  Mathias Borre


The Magic Show is up next, and everyone is looking forward to it.

All cats have magic inside of them…it’s what they are…a poem.

Cat, Heart, Light, Dream, Love, Kitten

I love my little kitty
she’s black and oh so white
she lets me pet and play with her
each day
and every night
her eyes shine just like jewels
her face
a work of art
but more than all her beauty
is the love
within her heart


Photo:  Pixabay

Home…a poem

brown wooden house in the middle of green trees

she built her home
out of magic
the walls
were formed from
bits of poetry
random words
torn memories
and pages
from her favorite books
and chocolate
made up the ceiling
and yes
there were
shreds of rage
and revenge
moments of
and despair
that sometimes
littered the floor
but the cats
and trees
brushed those things aside
covering her nest
with beautiful leaves
and soft contented


Photo:  Mikaela Stenström

Trees are magic…

sun light passing through green leafed tree

trees are magic
their roots
touch the pulse of life
they see everything
they are the guardians
of Nature
the oxygen
the keepers
of wisdom
we ignore that
at our own risk




Photo:  Jeremy Bishop

We will never forget…

woman in black dress standing on firefrom generation
to generation
we pass down
our lore
pass down
our stories
pass down our
we exist
and we won’t
ever forget
how men


Photo:  Vadim Sadovski

How weird would it be if our shadows were real, and they cast us?

Beach, People, Sea, Sand, Footprints

Photo: Pixabay

Seven stones…a short time travel story.

Clock, Alarm Clock, Broken, Symbol

“How was it?”

“A lot of pony tails, poodle skirts and saddle shoes,” said Amy.  “There was ANOTHER glitch, STELLA.  I was supposed to go to Paris in 1934, remember?”

“I’m working on it,” said Stella, looking at her computer.

“I don’t want to get STUCK anywhere.”

“I KNOW that.”

“What if I had to wear a poodle skirt!” groaned Amy, pacing back and forth.  “What if I end up like Tony Smart and I’m lost forever, somewhere in time?”

“I SAID, I’m working on it.”

“If you’re going to lose me, lose me where somewhere nice.”

“Did you find anything?  Maybe you should talk about THAT, instead of whining.”

“WHINING?” shouted Amy.  “You should try traveling through time.  Perhaps you’d be more understanding if you were the one hurled through space. More understanding if you were the one who landed on a camel.”

“You only landed on a camel once, and I said I was sorry.  You told me the camel was more surprised than you were.”

“It’s not about camel.  I was in the DESERT, when I was supposed to be in…”

“London.  Yes, I know.”

“The guy with the camel almost fainted,” she snickered.

“Did you find a stone?” asked Stella, typing as fast as she could.

“No.  But I know where to find one,” she said, grinning.

“Really?” squeaked Stella.  “We’ll have three out of seven if you find it.”

“I know,” said Amy, frowning.

“Who’s guarding it?”

“A wizard using black magic and a monster or two. ”

“Are you going to need the dragons?”

“More than likely, but I’d like to try and get it by myself, before I call them.”

“Where is it?” asked Stella.

“O’hare airport, under one of the runways.”

“THE O’hare?  The airport in Chicago?”

“Is there another one?

Stella paled.  “You’re gonna need the dragons,” she said.

“Not if you can get me to the airport when they are ready to bury the stone.”

“That’s pretty exacting.”

“You need to get me there when the Wiz is ready to put the stone into the ground.  The airport opened in 1955 for commercial use.  We have to find out when the Wiz was there, hiding the stone.  It had to be just before the runways were poured.”

“I’ll find out, but you better take care of that arm, you’re dripping blood all over the floor.”

“Oh, sure, don’t ask me what BIT me, worry about the floor.”

“Looks like a canine bite, fangs of some kind, but not from a vamp, so I’m guessing a were, or alien thing, floating around in the ether. ”

“Your concern is touching.”

“I told you to look after it.  Go to the clinic and let them look at it.”

“They might want to quarantine me.”

“I doubt it,” said Stella, still not looking away from her computer screen.  “Did you sleep with the camel guy?”

“Is that ALL you ever think about?”

“No,” said Stella, calmly.  “Sometimes I think about pizza and french fries.”

“I think I hate you,” said Amy, looking at her arm.  “These puncture wounds are deep.”

Stella got up and looked at Amy’s bloody arm.  “Uh…”

“Ya think?” asked Amy.

“Could be,” said Stella.

“Whoever bit me was spelled and I’ve been poisoned?”

“Looks that way,” said Stella, pushing the emergency button.

“I hate when this happens,” sighed Amy, crashing to the floor.







You know this picture is all about magic…A poem

White and Brown Cat

a witch lives with me
we work together
in harmony
as it should be
what we do
is for the
good of all
and the harm of none
and you may well ask
how we know
what is good for all
well that’s easy
what we do is
loving and kind
life affirming
in a world
that is determined
to do the exact
I’m happy to be a
and she’s happy
to be my witch
merry meet
and merry part
and merry meet
blessed be



Photo:  Xue Guangjian

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