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Maggie…proof that some dogs really do like to dress up…

Mags is no longer with us, but she had a long and happy life.  When she was little, my granddaughter loved to dress her up. Maggie LOVED wearing all kinds of clothes and would growl and try and bite anyone who tried to remove her outfit.

Here she’s wearing clothing from Build A Bear.  She really enjoyed it and had quite a wardrobe.  She also liked riding in the toy stroller.


Sweet Maggie is no longer with us. This was taken when she was a puppy. She was loved very, very, much and she will be missed.


Mags is 17 and she likes to snuggle in her nest and nap.  She’s a teeny poodle.


Mags, AKA Vicious Beast, Maggie. or Magalena, is 19 years old. Sweet, vicious and still going strong, well, not exactly strong, but still going and wagging her tail.


Maggie (AKA Vicious Beast) came for a visit. I love it when she’s all fuzzy like a stuffed animal. She looks cute because I’m feeding her cheese.


Vicious Beast napping, at her house, in her nest.

Maggie Mae, AKA Mags, Magleana, and the ever popular…Vicious Beast, or VB for short…

Mags is fifteen years old.  She is hysterical to go wherever anyone else is going, so ninety percent of the time, she’s in the car.  She doesn’t care if you leave her in the car, she just wants to be there if you’re going out.  She’s a travel loving dog.  A kind of,  “I don’t want to miss ANYTHING, dog.  She really can’t see well but the vet said she’s too fragile to do anything about it.  She is, however, still vicious, so we know she’s okay.  When my son-in-law goes away, Deb is VERY carful with her, since she doesn’t want to be gnawed to death by an elderly miniature poodle.

Mags is a tough wee dog and the wee part is the good part.  If she was a BIG  vicious dog well, that would be a REALLY BAD THING.  She looks sweet, doesn’t she?  Looks can be deceiving and in her case…they are.  She started out as a black dog but she is turning into a white dog and we all love her.  She has nine pins in her hip/leg, from jumping out of the window in the van.  Tough, like I said.  Cute, but DANGEROUS and fierce.  🙂

Picture of Maggie, aka VB, aka Vicious Beast…she LOOKS so cute,doesn’t she? She didn’t get her nickname without earning it, believe me…

A four pound bundle of viciousness.  Sure, she can be nice and even adorable but that’s simply a ploy to get you to come closer.  She’s smaller than the cat but filled with growls, snarls and snapping fangs.  In this picture she’s laying on a hat that now belongs to her.  She will guard it with her life…actually our lives, because if anyone tries to take it…well, blood will flow.  You have to wonder how an entire family of humans can be ruled by a tiny poodle but it happens.  She is sweet when she’s laying in your arms.  She goes to work everyday and guards the truck.  I mean GUARDS the truck.  Anyone who would be dumb to try and get inside would be in the ER in two seconds.  I think she has some kind of agenda of her own.  She seems to WANT to be nice but there’s an inner struggle going on and nice usually comes in last.  My son-in-law ADORES her and the kids know they are second to his tiny dog.  She’s tough and they are bonded, even if she only comes up to his ankle and he’s 6′ tall.  She was here yesterday and will be staying the weekend…the cat too. Should be interesting.  I’m stocking up on gauze and alcohol wipes.

Maggie (AKA Vicious Beast) was dressed up for Christmas eve…



This is one dog who LOVES to wear clothes.  She loves her coats, her dresses and her t-shirts.  She played in the tissue paper and unwrapped gifts.  She’s 13 and she has a bunch of screws in her hip from jumping out of the van window.  But she still loves to get pretty and open presents.

Mags…AKA Vicious Beast, or her real name…Maggie May


Mags in her backyard enjoying the spring weather.  She’s very tiny but has the personality of a grizzly bear who is realllllly freaking mad.

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