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Mr. & Mrs. trump got their Covid shots in January.  The news was released this month, kept quiet, so as not to disturb the anti-vaxx-ers who support him, as well as his lies about the fact that Covid doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s just like a bad cold or the flu.

Time and place…the lie called history

Every researched essay, every critique…just words built on someone else’s words, and those words built on another’s…and on and on.  Words built on assumptions and lies. It’s all about time and place.

I could write a book on farming in Russia, during the early 1800’s.  The fact that I know absolutely NOTHING about farming, or the 1800s in Russia, wouldn’t stop me from writing the story.  I could do research on the subject, but that would mean selecting a particular farmer, in a certain place in Russia, under certain conditions, or just writing about the subject in aa more general way.  For the most part, my book would be built on guess work, or a conglomeration of random “facts,” jumbled together to  make people believe that they were actually reading  a “factual,” book about farming in Russia, during the 1800s.  I could add footnotes, to make it more believable. If my book was believable enough, it might be picked up by schools, or used by others, when they were researching farming in Russia, during the 1800s.  The things I wrote would then be passed onto others as facts, and those “facts,” would become part of history, even though I didn’t know anything about farming in Russia in the 1800s.  The book could be used forever and eventually come to be considered the definitive go-to book, on that subject and period in Russia history.  That’s how history is written.

It is impossible to know what happened in the past.  History is a lie, written by the winners and those who COULD, AND WERE ALLOWED TO, WRITE IT.  In the case of America, everything that was written, until recently, was written by land owning, rich, white, males.  We know that, but choose to ignore it, because they are still in charge.

We build our “facts,” on the words of other historians, on letters, diaries, and bits of physical information.  We then take the lies, the things we embellish and make up, and teach them as facts and truths, when they are rarely anything of the kind.

History is one big lie. It has to be.  There’s no way anyone could actually write history.  All a person could do was write his personal opinion.  That opinion would be based on class, gender, world view, experience, age, and time and place.  The fact that only white males mattered and were published, immediately turns history into a joke.  We have no clue as to what truly happened in the past, and just like Viet Nam, a war that took place in our lifetime, the truth is whatever we want to believe it is.  Presidents lied and manipulated the masses, just as they do so today.   Where do you think the term “cover-up,” came from.  Cover up the TRUTH and feed the public lies.   Nothing is TRUE.   Everything is what we think it is, no facts needed, or available.

Ten people seeing the same accident, all have different versions of what took place.  So how can anyone believe we know anything about what took place in the past?  We look things up in books, things written by prejudiced white males, and are asked to believe that we are learning about what truly took place.  We TEACH history, when we don’t actually know anything about it.  How crazy is that?

We’re making history up right now, even as I type this.  History’s truths depend on which side you’re on and the who is doing the writing.  Women didn’t have a voice, until recently, nor did any minorities.  How can history have any basis in reality, when most people were left out of it? 

History is made up by those in power.  That hasn’t changed.  What has changed is the fact that today, more people have voices.  More people can write books that challenge the lies and prove that what we were told was not true.

Basically, research consists of reading someone else’s lies, adding to them, and passing them on as facts.  People lie all the time.  Bosses lie to workers, teachers lie to students, parent, lovers and friends lie to each other, and the government and religious leaders,  lie to everyone.   Like our guide in Italy said, “We don’t know if this robe really belonged to so and so, we don’t know if any of this stuff is true but we want it to be, so we say that it is.  And that is how history is written.  We know what we say is a lie but we continue to copy the words/lies of others, and pass them on, as if they meant something, as if they had any basis in reality.

I read women’s herstory.  I taught Women’s Studies at a university for awhile. Women dying in childbirth, starving, having one child after another, being raped, used as slave labor, until many were happy to die.  Laws that didn’t allow them to inherit from their fathers, go to school, buy property, or even get their name in the newspaper.  Women imprisoned and force fed, chained to their cell, because they wanted the right to vote.  That’s my herstory and you know what, there are no bloody battles, no wars, no killing, no children sent to die, so that women could have more power and money.  None of that exists in women’s herstory.  None at all.  Funny, isn’t it?  How different women’s herstroy is from the male mainstream death-loving, killing history that we were taught about in school.   The egomaniacal, greedy history, filled with battlefields and medals?  Think about it.  THAT’S the history we are expected to believe.  A history where women and minorities do not exist.  Well, until now, that is.  The research is meaningless, it’s non inclusive and one sided.  It’s a lie, dressed up in a uniform, worn by white guys, who love power over others.  It doesn’t count, because it’s not real. It’s not real because no one is on the stage but the white guys who lied and nothing has hanged.  The person in charge today will write that huge crowds came to see him,, that he had more crowds than any other president but he will fail to mention that the people who did show up were protesters who wanted him out of office.  And that will be his history.  Today someone else will be able to write about his mental incompetence and insanity.  Before, that wasn’t possible, people did KNOW what was going on, so they couldn’t see that they were being lied to, they didn’t know what was being written.

To be fair, America should erase white men from every history book, and just teach about about women and minorities for the next two hundred and fifty years.  No mention of white men in any of the books, or media.  White males thought it was okay to erase all of us, I think erasing them, is only fair.  Let’s just stop talking about them.  Let’s make them invisible, silent.  Let’s show that history can be written any way we want to write it, because it’s not real anyway and we need to stop believing that it ever was.  Until the voices of everyone could be heard, history did not represent ANYONE but white men.  That’s not history, that’s vanity plates and false advertising.


What if…

Everything we’ve been taught is a lie?  What if love is not the answer but the problem. What if education is the tool used to actually stop people from learning.

What if we became an INCLUSIVE society and stopped cutting entire genders and races out of the decision making process.  What if men stopped killing everything.  What if there was no violence against animals, women, children and the earth itself.

What if all the lies we have been taught by government, schools, religion and those in power were told to us so that we could never been happy, peaceful, equal, or creative…so that we could never threaten the status quo.  What if the problems of the world were created on purpose to keep everyone in place, off balance, under the thumb of the rulers.

What if we changed all of that?  What if we made our own truths and got rid of the lies and the liars, the rapist priests, the greedy politicians…what then?  What if we could be happy, free and without violence but we simply aren’t allowed to be.

What if we asked more questions and took more action…what then?

Definitions/labels 2

People in certain positions write definitions.  Those definitions, no matter how harmful and incorrect, become part of our belief system.  For example, when “scientists/shrinks, sociologists, wrote that girls weren’t good at math…that thought stuck in the minds of people and continues to do so today.  Girls were led away from science because of a lie that people believed.  Women couldn’t vote, or own property because the lie was that they were unable to manage things.  All the definitions and lies we have been told are there to keep certain groups of people from rising.  To keep the moronic status quo in place.

Tell someone that a person is a drama queen and no one sees the person any longer because they have already let the definition, of the man or women being described,. tell them all they need to know  Say someone plays the hero and people will never see the person as she is, but only as the definition describes her.  Just say only children, middle child, youngest and you immediately get information about each of them, which is false but you can’t see past what you’ve been taught/told.  That’s how we are controlled.

Native and African Americans were defined as three-fourths of a person and everyone saw them that way because that’s what the “experts” told them was true.  Labels are USED to keep the status quo in place.  It’s all about what works for the MEN in power.  The laws work the same way and can be defined to fill jails with those they don’t want to be free.

None of this garbage is REAL.  People are PAID by those who want us to believe what they want us to believe.

This applies to the definitions of EVERYTHING.  Why can women be priests?  Because they don’t have a penis?  Does their god demand a penis from those who work for him, so they can rape kids?  I’m not sure but I know the definitions are there to keep women out of positions of power.  That’s what definitions are FOR…to control the masses.   Whenever you hear something and get a picture in your head, that picture was put there on purpose by those who want to control what you think.  I’m an only child and people immediately assume that I’m spoiled, a princess. and all kinds of other idiotic things that are completely false.  The definition of “only child,” gives them permission to dismiss me, without knowing anything about me.  We see what we are taught to see, what we are conditioned to see, that’s why women and minorities are left out of history books, because the definition of success applies to white males ONLY.

Another thing, when “roles” can be described for huge segments of the population you know that people are being FORCED to pick one, or seen as acting out a particular role.  If millions of people are acting in a certain way IT’S NOT AN ACCIDENT.

This is all mind control.  So before you make assumptions that anything you’ve been taught in psych, sociology, or in general, is REAL or TRUE, think again.  Anyone can get paid to write whatever they like.  Look at the media.  The people who OWN the paper write and edit what they want you to know and see.  The truth is irrelevant.    If people tell you you’re a certain way based on a definition they read…don’t believe them.  And don’t look at others through the veil of lies we were taught and conditioned to believe.  We are each unique individuals being brainwashed into believing that we are anything but….


America…Lies, lies and more lies


A program offered by my library!!!! How incredible is it that we are lied to so often that we need to learn how to find the truth among the lies?

Lies are today’s new truth…


How smooth…



Think about it…


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One of the reasons people don’t like to hear or face the truth is because they are more comfortable believing the lies.  A lot of people don’t want to have to change the things they believe.   They don’t want to  know that the things they believe, are not true.  And they certainly don’t want to change their behavior.

It’s difficult to overcome brainwashing and conditioning.  People are TAUGHT to have CLOSED minds, it’s built into the system.   Therefore, it’s almost impossible for people to SEE anything that doesn’t fit into their belief system, no matter how false that system may be.  This goes for entire cultures, not just individuals.  The thing is, everyone is being lied to and manipulated by the people in power (parents, schools, politicians, church leaders, etc.).  We are fed so many lies that the truth seems TO BE THE LIE.  That’s part of cultural brainwashing.

People would rather believe the lies.  When it was found that priests raped untold numbers of children and destroyed their lives…and that the top members of the church covered it up and paid people off to remain silent…some catholics defended the church.  And nothing has changed.  The most terrible thing imaginable has happened to thousands and thousands of children and people still go to churches and give money to the people who lied and destroyed the very youngest of their “flock.” People would rather LOOK THE OTHER WAY, than walk away from an institution/cult that does things that other people would go to jail for doing.  When a father shot and killed a karate instructor who raped his small son, the jury said he was NOT guilty because of the outrage of the crime.  But priests freely rape THOUSANDS of children and nothing is done about it.  The karate instructor is DEAD and the serial rapist priests are free to continue to raping more innocent children. People did not turn on the church.  There was no marching in the streets.  No one stopped giving money to the rapists.

If people are not interested in protecting the lives of children, if they accept serial rapist priests and continue to send their children to churches everywhere, what hope is there that people will be willing to do anything else?   How is it possible that ANYONE could ever believe anything a priest, or anyone in the church would ever tell them again?  They are proven liars on so many levels, worst, they are above the law.  Rapists who walk free, were sent from one church to another, one country to another, so they could rape more kids in new parishes and yet, people did nothing.

Things like this make me feel hopeless. The catholics in my own family did nothing, still send their kids to catholic schools.  Nothing I say makes any difference.  Nothing they know to be TRUE, makes any difference.  They give their kids and their money to liars and rapists.  The truth doesn’t matter.  If the truth about the rapist priests doesn’t matter, even if that truth continues to destroy the lives of children, the truth won’t matter for anything else.

Our government lies to us constantly, as well.  We are so used to being lied to that we don’t even listen anymore.  Lied to about why we should go to war, lied to about the government being broke, lied to about why the rich get huge tax breaks while the poor get nothing, lied to about who actually runs the country, lied to about every single thing.

When the world is fake, and you know it, it’s hard to believe in anything…hard to hope for anything.  When you see that huge and horrific issues don’t make people change at all, well…it’s all over and we don’t have to wait for the fat lady to sing.

We give our children to rapist and to war, to be destroyed mentally and physically and we do NOTHING, as a people, to stop it from continuing.  Without people the church can’t exist.  It didn’t exist in the beginning.  It was MADE UP by people who wanted money and control over others.  No people…no church.  If we refuse to send our children to war, there won’t be any wars.  If we demand that the people who start the wars, go and fight it out themselves (world wide) then there won’t BE any wars because the men who start the wars  hide, while the real fighting goes on.  We enable these people…TO DO BAD THINGS.  The way to stop rapist priests is to stop going to church, stop sending KIDS TO THEIR SCHOOLS..  The way to stop war is to stop going to fight.  We can boycott, we can change things because WE have all the power, we’ve just been led to believe that the power is in the hands of others.  It’s not.  The power is OURS.

Next generation…


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We have always been partly robotic, not in body, of course, at least not in the beginning, but in the way we are easily programmed.  We accept the data we’ve been fed and usually don’t think about what we believe because it has become a part of us and, like any good computer, we just pull out the data/info when the right question is asked.  We literally program our children, the way we have been programed by our parents ad infinitum.  When we release our kids into the world the school continues to program them with societies expectations, demands and beliefs.  The kids who just take it in are rewarded with good grades, trophies and accolades.  The kids who fight back are punished with detention, no awards, bad labels and they are used as examples of what NOT to become.

See there isn’t any room for disobedience, for different ways of looking at things. There’s no room for independent thinking (unless it’s the acceptable kind), for creativity. There’s no room for OTHER ways of seeing things.  It’s the job of society, schools and churches to make sure that everyone toes the line.  That everyone wears their wooly sheep robe and done’t give the power structure any grief.

Kids are programmed to hate and beat other kids who aren’t exactly “like” them.   Kids are taught that it’s okay to treat girls in terrible ways and call other boys girls, when they aren’t into sports, or their sexual preference is different that theirs.  Society ALLOWS this, even though they say they don’t.  They ALLOW IT because it reinforces the beliefs that society wants followed.  By letting people beat and kill those who won’t go along with the agenda, those who refuse to obey, the government washes its hands of any responsibility of keeping people in line, even though that’s EXACTLY what they are doing.

Babies don’t care if someone is black, gay, or female, they smile and gurgle at whoever is looking at them and smiling back.  All the bad things are programmed into people by others.  All the hate prejudice and violence is taught.

Kids who refuse to go along with their programming are labeled loser, stupid, outcast, ugly.  They are never called rebels, brilliant or heroes.  They are tortured, locked in lockers, beaten and left out.  Some die.

I’m just saying…if you have kids, think about what your own beliefs are and then know that you are programming your kids to believe the very same thing.  Think about what you were taught and see if you still want to believe those things, before you download them into your child’s brain.  Tell them the truth about what school, church and society is trying to do to them and if you are honest, you will produce a child who can think for herself.

The kids who are punished are the people the government fears.  The church and the establishment is terrified of the ones we throw away, that’s why they are discarded in the first place.  We need to reverse that kind of thinking and listen to the rebels.  They need to be relabeled, for those who need labels to tell one person from another.  We have to STOP FEARING those who see things in a differently as kids.  We need to listen to them and hear what they have to say because what they have to say is important.  We need their vision to change the future because what we are doing ISH’T working for anyone but the rich and powerful.


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