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white sheep on white surface

it doesn’t man
the lamb is wrong
it’s possible
that lambs
live in
than we do


Photo:  Michael Matlon


black and white cow on brown grass field during daytime

some beings
are so perfect
so sweet
so absolutely beautiful
they simply
take your breath


Photo:  Ian Cylkowski


Some people are okay with slaughtering and eating beautiful and innocent lambs. How is that possible?

tiny innocent lamb


Sheep, Farm, Animal, Wool, Pasture

They call me Lightening because I’m fast on my feet and I think even more quickly than that.  I convinced my herd to flee their evil overlords and I’m leading them to safety and freedom.  Humans won’t get lamb chops or woolen mittens from us.  We’re alive, loving, thinking beings not food and clothing.

I’ve heard that you guys have gone mad and your end might be near.  All the animals are delighted and while it’s too early to actually celebrate, a few parties have already taken place.  I mean you can’t blame us, can you?  You kill, eat  and destroy everything, so once you’re gone, there will be a kind of peace and a lot less cement.  We can’t eat cement.  We can’t drink poisoned water, or breath polluted air either  We can’t wait until you’re gone.  It’s too bad, really.  If you were kind, we could have been friends.


“Hi.  I’m pretty new.  One day I’ll be big like my mother and father, but I’m little now.  When you’re little you need to be taken care of by those who love you.  Those you can trust to protect you, not harm you.  My mother said we are going to run away, as soon as I’m strong enough, because she doesn’t want things punched through my ears, and she doesn’t want me thrown to the ground and my wool stolen.  She said people eat us too. I don’t understand why humans are so terrible but I told my mother I would grow as fast as I could, so we can leave as soon as possible.  My father is going to run away with us and maybe my cousin.  I’m afraid all the time.  Worried that someone will take me when my parents aren’t next to me.  I don’t think children should have to worry about being taken and tortured, or eaten.  Life shouldn’t be so brutal.  Anyway, I can’t wait to leave.  I’m eating more, so that I’ll get stronger everyday.   But I’m still afraid someone will hurt, or kill me.  What are lamb chops?”



How beautiful.

And then think about lamb chops.  That’s what humans do to beauty.  They kill it and even eat it.  There’s something  REALLY WRONG with that.

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