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Hungry Koi…they sell fish food for a dollar a bag which is great. (3 pictures)

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They have a beautiful koi pond at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago…I love the way the ceiling structure is reflected in the pond and the koi are like beautiful jewels swimming in the water…3 pictures

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Koi at the Flamingo in Vegas…2 pictures

  The chicklets love Koi, they are very friendly.  They talked to Chester and he agreed to go home with the chicklets and live in the Rubber Duck Pond at The Coop, as long as they brought his friend Alice … Continue reading

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Sharing time with a Koi is like watching a beautiful painting move through water.  They are so beautiful, their colors and markings catch the eye and hold it.  They can be friendly and some have made friends with other animals. … Continue reading

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I took this in Las Vegas a long time ago.

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“People believe that you are good luck.  There are statues in your image and you’re written about in many books.  You are part of Feng Shui and people incorporate you into their lives.” “Really?” “Yes, really.” “Why would I want … Continue reading

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Street art…South Korea

Picture from:  Pinterest

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Beautiful fish at Chicago Botanic Garden

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Fishy, fishy

Koi This is a reblog.  The Flamingo Hotel, in Las Vegas, has a sweet garden behind it.  They have fish, birds and waterfalls.  It’s nice.  I always stop by when I’m there.  I happened to see this Koi swimming around … Continue reading

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