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Hungry Koi…they sell fish food for a dollar a bag which is great. (3 pictures)

They have a beautiful koi pond at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago…I love the way the ceiling structure is reflected in the pond and the koi are like beautiful jewels swimming in the water…3 pictures

Koi at the Flamingo in Vegas…2 pictures



The chicklets love Koi, they are very friendly.  They talked to Chester and he agreed to go home with the chicklets and live in the Rubber Duck Pond at The Coop, as long as they brought his friend Alice along as well.



Sharing time with a Koi is like watching a beautiful painting move through water.  They are so beautiful, their colors and markings catch the eye and hold it.  They can be friendly and some have made friends with other animals.  Beautiful Koi, in a world of their own, moving with grace and peacefulness.  I took on one of my trips to Vegas.


I took this in Las Vegas a long time ago.


“People believe that you are good luck.  There are statues in your image and you’re written about in many books.  You are part of Feng Shui and people incorporate you into their lives.”


“Yes, really.”

“Why would I want to bring good luck to humans?”

“That’s just what people believe.”

“That’s really funny, since everyone is trying to get rid of you. Don’t tell any other beings about this  luck thing, it will just make them question our loyalty.

“Okay, but I thought everyone knew about it.”

“How could they know about it.  It’s not real, you make up.”


“Look, I’m a fish.  But if humans believe something is lucky, that’s a very bad thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“If they believe we can bring them luck they start to breed us, control us, grow us, sell us and they sell us to people who don’t know how to care for us.  We become a product, a commodity, a thing, an asset, a status symbol,  because we are believed to bring luck.”

“I see you’re point.”

“No one wants to be noticed by you guys.  Being noticed means captivity, interbreeding, suffering and death.  I’m a fish.  That’s it.”


“Think about it.  How could I POSSIBLY bring anyone luck.  I’M A FISH.  Get it?  A FISH.   I’m not a lucky fish, if I was a LUCKY fish humans wouldn’t know I existed.  So, that’s proof that I’m not lucky at all.”

“I see your point.”

“Why isn’t a gold fish lucky?  Oh, yeah, because you kill them by the millions.  Lucky for you, not lucky for the fish.  See what I mean? Nothing humans want is ever lucky because you are a terrible species.”

“I’m really sorry about that.”

“Sure you are.”

“No, seriously.  I am.”

“Your species plays with all the other beings on earth.  You cross breed, interbreed, you trap, cage and modify natural beings.  You make up lies about what you do and tell people luck will come your way if you only have one of whatever it is you’re trying to sell.  Look what you’ve done to dogs.  You never once think about what you’re doing to any of US.  We are NEVER LUCKY when we’re around you.  If you’re around we’re usually sick and dying.”

“Would you like some bread?”


“Yes.  I brought a loaf of whole wheat, in case you were hungry.”

“Look, you know that Koi are Carp, right?”

“No.  I didn’t know that.”

“Well we are.  We are bottom feeders.  We love algae.”

“I didn’t know that either.”

“Do me a favor.”


“Tell people there’s nothing lucky about us.  They people we are carp, bottom feeders, and tell them to leave us alone.”

“I will.  Thanks for talking with me.  I’ll take the bread with me.”

“Good idea.”


Street art…South Korea


Picture from:  Pinterest


Beautiful fish at Chicago Botanic Garden


Fishy, fishy

Fishy, fishy


This is a reblog.  The Flamingo Hotel, in Las Vegas, has a sweet garden behind it.  They have fish, birds and waterfalls.  It’s nice.  I always stop by when I’m there.  I happened to see this Koi swimming around and he looked as if he was covered with sterling silver, and  a touch of 24 karat gold.  He was so beautiful.  It’s fun to watch the fish.  They seem happy and playful.





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