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Have a Happy Mother’s Day…

Cat Family, Kitten, Cuddle, Small Cats

Photo: Pixabay

Gangs/bikers…who protect kittens, cats/animals. Hearts of gold and then some. BUT…they may be closed due to a misuse of funds, although there are signs that they are still working in certain areas. Payment for the use of the name and things were the area of the misuse of funds. Probably a lot of other stuff too, who knows, but who cares? They SAVED ANIMALS FROM HORRIBLE PEOPLE and DEATH. I don’t really care about the misuse of funds, I care that they rescued and saved animals. I hope they are still working. 5 pictures when it counts.

man in black and white shirt holding orange tabby cat

Biker gangs protect children and…cats.  i love them.

Photo:  Petrebels


Outlaw Bikers Come to the Rescue of Cats in Need – Catster › lifestyle › outlaw-bikers-com…
Biker gangs have broken up dog fights and rescued the dogs from their vicious and violent owners, as well.
They have zero tolerance for animal abuse.
Rescue Ink: Tough Guys on a Mission to Keep Our Animals Safe by [Rescue Ink, Denise Flaim]
Their book… get it on Amazon


Black and White Kitten on Brown Wooden Plank

“Think we should go outside?”

“Looks like a long way down and mom’s not here.”

“You’re right.  Maybe we should go back to our blanket.”

“We do have to go out eventually.”

“True, but maybe eventually is tomorrow.”

“And mom might wonder where we are, if we aren’t here when she gets back.”

“So, maybe we should wait until eventually.”

“Good idea.”

“We can still sit here and look outside.”

“Yes, we can, but I’m ready for a nap.”

“Okay, let’s do that.”

“Today is going to be a really good day.”

“I think I see a bug.”

See, I told you it was going to be a really good day.”


Photo:  Cristyan Bohn

The perfect easter basket…

kittens in basket

Photo:  The Lucky Niko

True perfection, or purrrrfection, if you like. There’s nothing in the world, as perfect as a cat…a least to me.

white brown and black cat on brown dried leaves

Photo:  Dorothea Oldani

From: Bored Panda…

These Kitties Are Very Different From Your Usual Ones (30 Pics)

From: Bored Panda…

These Kitties Are Very Different From Your Usual Ones (30 Pics)

KITTENS! My daughter and son-in-law, went to visit friends, who live on a farm, and there were new kittens. The mama was right there and let my son-in-law hold two of the babies.

From: Bored Panda…so adorable

Dog Takes Care Of Every Rescue Kitten In This Cat Shelter And Here Are 30 Pics To Show His Love Is Never-ending

Kittens…a VERY short poem

Cats, Small, Playful, Adorable, Tamed

if you could look
into my heat
surely you’d see


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