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“Mom, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ let me go back in the water…I promise, I’ll be good. Look how cute I am.””


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It is my belief, that kids can never really know, or understand their parents.  There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that we’re their parents.  Being parents means we act in a way that is … Continue reading

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Childhood pictures should not look like this…

What are we dong?  Barbwire shouldn’t even exist.  Just having it, means something is wrong.  Human Rights violations take place every second…everywhere.  America is doing it.  Everyone is doing it.  Why do we pretend to have GROUPS who watch for … Continue reading

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Never be afraid to show your true colors…

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Story time…

When I was part owner in a bookstore, I always had fun reading to kids during story time.  Okay not always, but a lot of the time.  I liked the way the kids leaned forward, from the floor, or from their … Continue reading

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What kind of future will our children be inheriting from us…

It’s strange to me that people so easily accept the violence around them.  The fact that children can no longer play outside without supervision, the fact that they can never be left alone, because they can be taken, violated, or … Continue reading

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This book has been on my shelf for years but it’s wonderful. Pick up a copy if you can. Kids know what’s important in life.

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Save the children???

people always talk about saving the children but the thing most people don’t think about is that they were once the CHILDREN and no one saved them they were conditioned brainwashed forced to obey punished brutalized bullied loved treated with … Continue reading

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“I know you think you’re old enough to swim in the ocean, but you aren’t,” said his mother, kindly.  “I was your age once, so I understand.   But  look at you.  You’re still all brown and fuzzy.  Don’t turn away.  … Continue reading

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If we want kids to read…we have to let them read what interests them, not what our culture thinks they should read

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