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A heart filled with joy…I hope, with all my heart, that this is a well loved piggy and not food.

black and white short coated dog running on water during daytime

Photo:  Colin Lloyd

I think it’s almost impossible to be unhappy around bubbles…

woman standing outdoor surrounded by bobbles during daytime

Photo:  Alex Alvarez

I think we can all recognize JOY…

White Dog Terrier Jumping Near Grass Field during Daytime


Feel it…

Person, Human, Joy, Sunset, Sun, Orange
Sometimes, out of nowhere, life becomes so intense and exciting, that it’s hard to contain.  Hard to hold it in and not just throw your arms into the air, point your face toward the sun and yell, “YES!” at the top of your lungs.

It can happen anywhere, at any time.  You can be inside, reading a book, turning over in your sleep, eating pancakes, looking at flowers, or the face of your cat, or the person you love.  It’s a spontaneous thing.  You can’t make it happen, you can’t plan it…it simply appears, and when it does, you light up like a firecracker and for that moment, you know why you’re alive.

Seriously, does ANYONE have more fun than a dog with a stick?

Picture:  Pixabay

A picture of JOY…for Mother’s Day

Baby Elephant, Close Up, Elephants, Family Elephants

Picture:  Pixabay


Beach, Dog, Chase, Person, Running, Play, Fun, Happy

Some things are just meant to go together.

Picture:  Pixabay

This is what joy looks like…

People, Adult, Two, One, Women, Clothing

Picture:  Pixabay


Friends are joy wrapped up in laughter…

Image result for free pictures of interracial friends

In the middle of winter…happiness is remembering a warm summer day…and a snack.

Burrowing Owl, Small Owl, Owl, Burrowing

Burrowing owl

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