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From: Candy (face book)

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Research…this may ramble a bit, but that’s life.

I was thinking about research, today.  And how ridiculous some of it is.  How destructive and how much money people are paid to do it.  I was specifically thinking about an old friend, who happened to be a middle child. … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

It’s kind of funny how egotistical we are.  How we think we’re so fabulous and all knowing, when we know very little and what we do know, doesn’t answer any of the important questions we have.   We’re actually quite limited … Continue reading

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I think death is like a fabulous party you see people you haven’t seen in awhile and meet new folks as well the music is just what you want to hear you dance all night and catch up on old … Continue reading

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This comment is from Resa…America gone mad

Resa commented on Lost… Rubber stamps You might be right! The CBC (Canadian national news) today says; 12 people from a Canadian church group, going to do charity work w/an American Church group, were denied entry to the US. They … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Deb and I went out today.  We were in a store, talking to the two people who worked there…both Clinton supporters.  One of them said, “My sister voted for trump.”  She said she didn’t understand it, it made her feel … Continue reading

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