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I think this is what we COULD be, as a species. If we weren’t DEATH, I mean.

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We are here…a poem

we look pretty and colorful on paper from a distance you can’t see what we really are

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Reality…2 pictures

this is nature this is us   we are cementing in too much of the earth for its/our own good

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Humans…a poem

humans are part of nature we are not separate from it we are one and the same what happens to nature happens to us that’s important to know because if we destroy nature we destroy ourselves and yet that’s exactly … Continue reading

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hive mind is for bees not for people as much as possible THINK FOR YOURSELF

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The blue planet…

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a blue planet hanging in space flying around circling a star and dragging a moon along with it the tiny planet had everything it needed to be beautiful healthy lush rich in life forests … Continue reading

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We’re so small, relatively speaking, and yet we can destroy everything that exists. How does that make sense? That tiny person can blow up the mountain, poison the water and kill everything that lives. I don’t get it.

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