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While my daughter and son-in-law were at the farm, they saw this gorgeous show horse and a colt. 3 pictures

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True beauty…horses are magnificent…they should be able to live wild and free without being herded and even killed by humans…

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You know how to tell when things are perfect?

When you’re on a horse and all you can think about is the horse and it’s footfalls and how good he smells and how beautiful and thick his mane is and how wonderfully strong his body feels and yet you … Continue reading

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Love can be a sweet and tender thing. Horses are incredible beings. We have to stop horses from being killed.

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they ran with freedom urging them on hearts pounding with passion running for pleasure running for joy running because they could no fences to hold them running because that’s what they were born to do until humans find them and … Continue reading

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Three more beautiful horses…

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Two beautiful horses…

Horses are so amazing.  They are happy to see the people they love and they are gentle and funny, as well as loyal and strong.

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“You are so cute.” “You always say that and stop biting at me.” “I always say that because you’re always cute.  Your mane looks especially red today.” “It always looks this way.” “Maybe it’s the light.” “Maybe you’re just a … Continue reading

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“Yes, we’re brothers.” “You are very handsome horses.” “This isn’t what we expected life to be like.” “What did you expect?” “Freedom.” “Oh.” “Yeah, oh.  We are OWNED.  We are PROPERTY.  If we don’t FEEL like having straps bind us, … Continue reading

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