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Birth…a poem

we seem to be meant to be together to scream and jump and dance as one at least some of the time for a little while but with a deadly virus stalking us those times have been put on HOLD … Continue reading

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History 2

The world is not flat.  Humans did not live during the time dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Cave people didn’t have lighters, matches, or even fire, when they first stood up and looked around.  The moon is not made of cheese.  … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

The reason we can’t learn from HIStory is because we have no way to CONNECT with history.  We can’t IMAGINE what it was like living during historical times.  Kids can’t even understand what their parents are talking about when they … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Another thing about so called history…the person writing it, is usually from a different era, unless is’s current history, only a few years old.  I mean yesterday can be considered history, so there is that.  But I’m talking about history … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

No matter how many books are written, or read, we can never know what took place in the past.  When written by those who lived during a certain time, we simply get their personal point of view.  Those who do … Continue reading

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Time and place…the lie called history

Every researched essay, every critique…just words built on someone else’s words, and those words built on another’s…and on and on.  Words built on assumptions and lies. It’s all about time and place. I could write a book on farming in … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, History, Rings and Teachers…

“What good is history?” “What do you mean?” “Why do we think knowing about our past is important?  It just takes up space in our heads and who cares?  Dogs don’t have to know who other dogs were and they’re … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Picture from:  Pinterest Quote by Cesar Chavez I like Cesar Chavez.  I’ve boycotted for him and I think he’s a good guy, at least he seems to be, but sayings like this are meaningless.  No one cares what history will … Continue reading

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