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Okay, so a couple of nights ago, a woman in my neighborhood was walking her dog.  She got home, opened her front door and realized a man was right behind her.  Fortunately, she got inside, slammed the door, and called the police.  He was right behind her, opening the storm door, and we know that because she has a doorbell with a camera, so everything was recorded, including his face and body.  He was seen opening her door and then walking away.

The police said that he’s a registered sex offender.  Here’s the thing.  If he’s a REGISTERED sex offender, why is he walking around free?  He already did something horrible to some innocent person, but he’s not locked up so he can’t do it again.

Because women don’t count, he is able to threaten all of us by being free.  This is a truly hateful act of aggression against women everywhere.

I walk every single day.  By myself.  No woman is ever safe, but now we know this guy was right here and they have not caught him yet.

I hate that women have to live this way.  I hate that men can make women live this way and we can’t seem to do anything about it.

Just hate it.

Okay, so…

Last night there was a woman on the news.  I don’t watch the news, but it came on when I was out of the room and when I walked in she was saying that she miscarried and her doctor couldn’t LEGALLY perform a D & C, to help her.  She had an ultrasound, then was told she had to get another one from someone who did not take care of her.  She was terrified about what could happen to her while she tried to find someone to take the picture.  She said she thought she could die and leave her 2 year old daughter, because she couldn’t get proper care.

She called a number of places but they were all booked up.  Finally, she got into a clinic, but their first appointment was in 3 days.  She went there and was “ESCORTED” to the door, while the anti’s screamed at her, calling her a murderer, a baby killer, and other various things.  The woman was suffering and filled with anxiety about not getting proper care and losing a child she and her husband wanted.

After having another test, then waiting for the results, to prove she didn’t self abort, she was finally able to get treatment.

She said she is terrified to try to have another child and go through this again. She is afraid she could die, and they are thinking of moving out of Texas because of their horrible experience.

THIS is what republican men are doing to women’s lives.  To the lives of families.

PLEASE listen to this short video by the republican matt gaetz, who is up on sexual crime charges, and what he has to say about women.

Press main story, when the site opens. The republicans are insane, they want to go after Uber drivers who drive pregnant women to get medical abortions or to get abortions. They are going after companies in legal areas to sue them for giving money to women who need help getting an abortion. Read the whole thing, scan over the ads. From: The Guardian

For anyone who doesn’t think this is an all out war against women…WAKE UP

supreme court ruling sparks alarm over missouri law banning pregnant women from getting divorced



They will stop us from voting, working, driving and who knows what else they will do.  But I bet pregnant women will be kept out of the work force.  They really are OUT TO GET US.  And  Canada and Europe are looking like landing places, if they’ll have us.  We need to leave before the won’t allow women to leave the country or their state, or their house.

We won’t be able to buy a house or have a bank account soon.  This is the beginning and this horrific loss of rights and slavery needs to stop NOW!


Get your tubes tied now, before they outlaw that as well.  Because THEY WILL.  It’s a form of contraceptive.

Women…will not go quietly into the night.

Free Crop side view of blond woman with black mask makeup and symbols on face looking away Stock Photo

we are not things
to be bought and sold
our bodies owned
by hateful men
who wish us tortured
and dead
we will
go quietly
into the night
we will



Photo:  Erik Mclean

Okay, so…another thing…

Below is a picture of a dead woman who bled out after a back alley abortion that obviously failed. ALONE, she just died on the cement floor. No men died because of her pregnancy, or her non medical abortion.  All men were safe AGAIN.

I took this at one of the Marches in Washington.  Another NEVER AGAIN, THAT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, BECAUSE MEN CANNOT STOP KILLING EVERYONE.  THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO WOMEN BEFORE ROE VS WADE AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE OF THE HATEFUL SUPREME COURT AND CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN RIGHT WING.  If this photo bothers you, think of what this woman went through.  The decisions she had to make to do this to herself.  The fact that she died because medical help was legally NOT AVAILABLE to help her.  Dead women.  That’s what’s going to happen again.  That’s what they want.  That’s what they will get.  THAT is what makes them happy.  That’s what gets them off.

They are passing a law with NO EXCEPTIONS.  Even children, raped by their fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors, teachers, strangers, shop keepers, friends, will be FORCED BY LAW to have an unwanted child, when the pregnant person is a child herself.  An eleven or twelve year old’s body is not even fully grown, and physically and mentally she will be FORCED BY LAW to carry and have a child.  How will that girl ever be okay?  EVER?  She will be in grade school, have a bed time and baby sitters.


When these laws go into effect, the pregnant person should wear a tag saying she was raped by her father, brother, uncle, etc., with the man’s picture and NAME ON IT…because THE RAPISTS are left completely OUT OF THIS PICTURE.  NO MAN WILL SUFFER OR BE HARMED BY THIS UNJUST AND DEADLY LAW WHICH WILL BE USED TO PUNISH, AND SOMETIMES KILL, GIRLS AND WOMEN.  A sign that tells everyone this is a FORCED, UNJUST, UNFAIR PREGNANCY.

The men who are making the laws are sometimes the very men who are raping women, or because of THEIR positions of power, into compromising situations.

This law, when it goes through, is pointedly aimed to punish, females (including LITTLE GIRLS) for being female.  It’s male dominance over females, and since females do not have a voice, or the power to fight back, they will be mentally and physically tortured while once again, NOTHING AT ALL WILL HAPPEN TO MALES.

Write down their names and wear them on your clothing, so everyone knows who the rapists are.  Let the supreme court PAY for every hospitalization, and burial of women who try to abort themselves, or die from back alley abortions.  Names need to be taken.  Men must be stopped from KILLING US.  This is VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN out in the open, written IN LAW.  OMG  Legal violence against us.

Children forced to have children.  That is so unbelievable I could throw up.  And those UGLY BASTARDS sit there and pass those hateful laws, but no laws are passed about eleven year old boys.  None at all.

Sick, really.  Each of the supremes should be FORCED to be at the bedside of every woman who is dying and every little girl who is torn apart because of them.  Every single time.  No one should be able to pass deadly, hateful laws, specifically directed at a specific population,  and not be accountable to the people they kill and torture.  No one.


We fought for Roe vs Wade for YEARS!  So women would stop dying, now they can go to JAIL because their bodies no longer belong to them. OUR BODIES BELONG TO THE STATE.  HANDMAID’S TALE MADE REAL.  That is my son, who died from leukemia.  My shirt says ABORT THE SUPREME COURT.  I still have it.  I’m still wearing it.

Okay, so…

woman in black crew neck t-shirt

I just talked to my granddaughter a little while ago.  She said she’s afraid to go out alone.  Everything she sees and hears, tells her more women are being raped, or murdered.  Men are breaking into houses and not caring who sees them.  She said, it’s terrible.  So many women are afraid.   No place is safe.  She said she only goes out when her boyfriend is with her (they live together).  She stopped swimming, taking walks or doing any of the things she loves to do.

It makes me sick.  Really sick, to hear her say things like that.  I’m SO enraged that women are forced, by evil and hateful men, to live like prisoners.  Living in constant fear is unhealthy and it KILLS DREAMS.  It literally kills females, of course, but no one really seems to care.  If they cared, something would be done to STOP it from CONSTANTLY HAPPENING.   Fear destroys their innocence, their trust, their freedom and their hopes and DREAMS.  FEAR makes the lives of women SMALL.

There was NOTHING I could say to make her feel better without putting her in DANGER.  I couldn’t tell her NOT TO BE AFRAID.  I couldn’t tell her she would be OKAY.  I couldn’t tell her that NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO HER.  All I could tell her was that I understood and that all women live under the constant threat of violence.

I hate this.  Everyone female alive should hate this and even those who are dead should hate this.  And every single male, who is not violent and insane, should hate this as well.

This is the world we ALLOW to exist.  This is the never ending war between women and men.  This is the true and played out hatred of an entire gender, by the other half.

Photo:  Jaqueline Fritz



Clover…broken heart

First, let me apologize for the poor artwork.  I ran out of paper and this watercolor paper is terrible.

Clover’s heart is broken.  He’s been thinking of all the unloved and lonely dogs left outside alone in winter, all the time, really, but especially in winter.  No warm beds, or soft caresses during the night.  Some have frozen water, and frozen food.  Once he saw the pictures on television, and heard the stories, he started howling.  The chicklets and warming bunnies are doing their best to help him, but he can’t understand the cruelty that lives within the human heart.

He said he would like to make the owners live outside, alone, with nothing, maybe a wooden bare house, maybe not.  Some dogs are chained.   He said his heart is truly broken and cannot be put back together.

The chicklets offered to set up a rescue mission, but he said they won’t be able to save all of the dogs who are suffering.  Some have arthritis, some have never known kindness, or love.  He seems inconsolable, and the chicklets don’t know what to do.   AND THEY CAN’T ESCAPE…THEY ARE PRISONERS WHO ARE TORTURED EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL THEY DIE.

The chicklets, as sweet and loving as the are, do not forgive, or forget.  They think those things encourage repeat behavior.  All the animals who suffer in Factory Farm and at the hands of human, are things that can never be forgiven, or forgotten.  There are no excuses.  None at all.  They are slaughtered, eaten, starved, debeaked, tortured and murdered.  And now Clover is sad because of his species.

Cover didn’t understand the hatred and evil that lives inside some human hearts.  Now he knows, and his heart is broken for all the dogs who have nothing and are tortured minute to minute, by thoughtless and ugly humans.  He said he would bite all the people, if he could, and chain them to a tree.  He would give them frozen water and let them lick it.  He said the world is not longer beautiful.

I can relate to Clover.  My heart is filled with rage and thoughts of revenge for all of the helpless animals who suffer and die without ever knowing kindness.  Cruelty to animals, women and children, people of color and those who are different, continue unabated.  I have been taught by examples, that this place is hell, and even the fluffy balls of chicklet love, know that.  Human trafficking constant fear, child abuse, it’s all the same thing. All done to those who are helpless…those with no voice, no choice.

What a pathetic species we are.  Other animals set wonderful examples for us…examples we ignore. I’m sick about the dogs left outside.  Misery and suffering never ends.

HOPELESS is an deadly word and an ugly thing.  Dogs with no hope.  I am really empty right now.  All I can see is death of spirit, and hope.  Suffering everywhere.  So ugly.  Poor souls and the ugly people who torture and disregard their feelings.  Such a terrible place.

Okay, so…

Here’s what happened:  My granddaughter and her boyfriend, had a couple friends from the Chicago suburbs, down to stay with them for a few days.  They went boating and did a lot of fun things.  My granddaughter and her boyfriend have tattoos and he has his hair braided.

My granddaughter and her boyfriend are currently living in a sweet apartment in downstate Illinois, where they were, until May, both in college.  She just graduated.  He’s is still in school,

Anyway, as I said, they were having fun and decided to go golfing, which her boyfriend does up here.  They rented two golf carts.  My granddaughter and her boyfriend are white, their friends are not.  One of the golf carts hit a pothole on the course, and broke.

A woman who saw it happen, sneered at them, and called someone.  The golf people came and took one look at them and separated them, asking them all kinds of inappropriate questions, blaming them for breaking the cart on purpose.

Those people kept telling their African American friend to calm down, when he wasn’t doing, or saying, anything at all. (she has that on a video).  They were very threatening toward him and asking him if he wanted them to call the police, to which he said, “Yes, call them and stop speaking to me as if I’m uneducated.  I’m not.”

My granddaughter told them that if they didn’t look the way they did, they would have apologized, given them a new golf cart, and let them go on their way.

They kept telling the kids that the guy who was older, overweight, and questioning them, had had three strokes, as if it would be THEIR fault if he got upset and dropped dead.  Why was he there? WHO WAS HE?

They told the kids that they would have to pay for the damages to the cart and the kids said they wouldn’t, since the grounds were not kept in proper condition and it wasn’t THEIR FAULT.  The people questioning them wouldn’t even look at the pothole.

Those racist and hateful people would not stop harassing them, so my granddaughter’s boyfriend called his mother and told her to get their lawyer.  The people were nicer to them after that.

The fact that the golf people kept telling their friend to CALM DOWN, when he is one of the most quiet people around, goes to show how hateful and violent people can be.  They kept pushing him, doing their best to get him to act out.  He didn’t go for it.  She also said they talked to him as if he were a two year old.

I was so furious, when she was telling me what happened, I wanted to go down there and…well, let’s just say that I was angry and I still am.

A lot of people downstate don’t like people from Chicago.  They don’t like people who are different than they are.  The thing is…I can’t tell you HOW GRATEFUL I AM THAT WE ARE DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE.  Because we can talk all we want to about all of us all being one, but in reality, WE ARE NOT ONE.  We aren’t anything alike.

All of us will never will be ONE.  Not unless another meteor hits the earth and the three survivors have to put up with each other in order to stay alive.  Once that’s over with, I’m sure they would go their separate ways and never see each other again.

We aren’t all alikeWe never will all be alike.  We’re taught to be different by our culture, circumstances and environment and those lessons make all the difference in the world.

Horrible things happen in Chicago.  Horrible things happen everywhere, but this one incident shows the small mindedness of people.  A good friend of mine lives there and she would agree.  She hates a lot of what goes on in that small town.  On the other hand, when my granddaughter was waitressing, between classes, she met some wonderful women, who had each other’s backs.  Nothing is usually all good or bad.  But we are all DIFFERENT, and wherever we go, we seek out people we recognize as members of our tribe.  We have to face the fact that there will always be them and us.  If we don’t recognize that, we won’t be able to move forward, we’ll just keep pretending.  There is no talking about issues, when the issues are as big as they are.

We are TRAINED to be different from each other.  And that’s exactly what we are.



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