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Kids, blood pacts, growing up and other stuff…a short story.

“You know why girls are usually wearing dresses and have weird hairdos in drawings and pictures?” she asked. “No.  Why?” “So they make sure they can tell us apart.  They don’t want to mistake us for the wrong gender, then … Continue reading

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Growing up…

Growing up I always thought we were rich.  I didn’t know what rich was, exactly, but I never wanted anything I didn’t have.  I didn’t want much, that’s for sure.  Paper, crayons and books.  Food and my room were just … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, Easter, Growing up

“What’s easter?” “It’s a day when rabbits deliver eggs to everyone and hide some of them in places where children will find them.” “Why?” “I guess it’s fun and everyone loves bunnies.  Except for the people who kill them and … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, Names, Religion, Pregnancy

  “You did a great job with the reporter.  You answered all of her questions perfectly.” “Thank you.  They hardly let Sandra say anything.” “Well, she was talking about divorce laws and that didn’t have anything to do what the … Continue reading

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Growing up…

Collage A lot of adults lose their sense of wonder.   Even if you haven’t used your “wonder,” in a long time, get it out, dust it off, and make it part of your life because that’s where all the … Continue reading

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Wild kids…

when we were wild kids   long lean and spindly   the world was ours   we had no limits no but’s if”s can’t should’s or should nots   we were free to do as we pleased no cell phones … Continue reading

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