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From the ACLU…here’s the thing…

This came in the mail yesterday.  The problem I have is that the 84 lawsuits the ACLU has filed might take YEARS to get through the courts and there’s no way to know who will win.  The law moves slowly.  … Continue reading

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“I’m going to suggest that the class read, THE TALES OF DESPEREAUX.” “That, is a wonderful choice.  I’m sure the mice will be happy about it.” “The mice and Mr. Mark both.  He said he didn’t want to pick a … Continue reading

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Kids lives or guns…

dead kids or guns seems to be a tough question for greedy politicians who don’t seem to care who dies locked in ivory towers protected by militarized police the government seems unable to decide whether or not kids should die … Continue reading

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Life, government, homeless, status quo…

I think one of the reasons homeless people are treated the way they are, in general, and the opinions we have ABOUT THEM, stem from the fact that they are free and have nothing at all to do with the … Continue reading

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Who is Santa?

he sees us when we’re sleeping he knows when we’re awake between the government and Santa there’s no place to be ourselves there’s no place for us to hide we’re being watched day and night who can live like that … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Here’s the thing…The American people were lied to by one president after another, about Viet Nam.  That’s not the only thing we’ve been lied to about.  The fact is, I doubt if we are ever told the truth about anything. … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I know so many people who are desperately unhappy, right now.  Some wish they were dead.  It’s difficult, even impossible, to be able to see a better ending, when you’re in that terrible place.  Everything seems hopeless. Words don’t help, … Continue reading

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