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Unwanted e-mails…

I just had 26 e-mails from democrats asking for money.  Twenty-six, since last night.  There’s no way to stop them.  They pretend you can, but you can’t.  I am so sick of this. By the time I go back to my mail, I’m sure there will be more.  I don’t open them, just delete them.  Because of their never ending hysteria and junk mail, they have turned me off, completely.

The government’s solution to EVERYTHING!

orange band aid on concrete surface crack

Photo:  Luis Villasmil

Quote: Ayn Rand…


a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights:
it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force
against legally disarmed victims.

Ayn Rand



The Patriot Act…the government can pass any laws they like, to take away our freedom, and we have no say in the matter.,and%20credit%20reporting%20records%2C%20and

The future…

reduce population
by having constant war
go to a cashless society
so people are no longer free
to earn or spend as they please
control health care
control education
who gets it
and who doesn’t
produce a slave population
drug the water supply
use propaganda
mind control
and punishment
to get what you want
from the masses
remove every bit of
from the lives of others
militarize the police
and give them unlimited power
over others
call it One Government
The New World Order
and you can see that we are
already on our way.

Okay, so…

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason.  I guess it’s nice to believe that.  I mean, then they don’t have to think that someone’s out to get them, like a vengeful god, or just a streak of bad luck, or a grumpy and nasty universe.

Is there such a thing as luck?  What is luck, anyway?  Being in the right, or wrong, place at the right, or wrong, time?  Is it specific to a person?  If a person gets dealt a winning hand, is it intended/luck, or just chance?  If anyone else was sitting in that spot, would that person have gotten the same cards, so to speak?  Look, people who go to  Vegas actually believe that if they don’t win for a long time their luck is bound to change when, in fact, the odds of the entire universe, are always 50/50.   Always.

I think this place is more of a human ant farm, than anything else.  Our farm is just enclosed by space, rather than glass or dirt.  No one escapes, except through death.  We scurry around dragging food to our nest, laying our eggs…well, only in England do they take care of the Queen, but still….

Personally, I think stuff just happens.  Lots of people believe that they learn from their “experiences,” on a personal level, but frankly, it’s sometimes hard do anything else but learn something.  Although, repeating the same thing over and over again proves that it might take some longer than others to get the point.

People believe whatever makes them feel better.  If they can’t find “proof,” they just make stuff up and believe that.  Whatever works, right?

Here’s the thing…what IF people believed that war and violence were wrong?  What if, people actually LEARNED from the experiences of dead kids and people, that WAR AND VIOLENCE ARE ALWAYS WRONG?  See, people only believe and learn things when it’s CONVENIENT, not when it makes sense.  Not when their conditioning has taught them that killing PEOPLE IS  NOT WRONG.  IT IS WRONG, IN SPITE OF WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BE TAUGHT!

Do you get what I’m saying?  People don’t learn anything at all, or the world would be a different place.  Killing one man (women don’t count, not really) is a crime, but killing a million is no big deal.  How does that make sense?  How can people not learn from all the dead bodies, that war and violence are counterproductive?  That those things are unhealthy?  How can people hand over their sons and daughters, their husbands/wives, siblings and friends, to the war machine, for money and goods?  How can violent men attack, beat, rape and murder women and children on the street and in their homes and never even think that what they are doing is WRONG?

See, people only learn what they want to lean and even then, they can change their minds when it’s something they really want to do.

So, the belief that people learn from their experiences is selective and pretty much a lie.  At least that’s the way I see it.  Because humans want to do what they want to do, no matter who suffers.  People CHOOSE not to learn a single thing and instead, they just keep killing.  People are killing everyone, right now, by killing the environment, and no one seems to be learning anything from that.  People say they love their children, yet they send them to die in foreign lands.  People let their children get sick, unable to breath the very air they need to exist, while big business keeps on  polluting.  Yet adults do nothing to save them.  People don’t care about the future…they don’t care, period…they have been brainwashed to NOT care about anything the rich white men want to do, even if that means letting their children die.  That’s how deep the brainwashing goes.  People might run into a burning building to save their children but they hand them over to the war machine and give them inhalers, rather than stopping war and demanding that companies that destroy the earth, air and water, are SHUT THE FUCK DOWN IMMEDIATELY.  Well, people will lose their jobs and the government has a foot on how much people can make and they’re raising taxes, so we’ll just keep our children inside and tape up the windows, so they can INHALE.  That’s what the population has been told by the rich, and that’s what the public believes, so actions AGAINST the polluters, do not exist and everyone suffers for MONEY.  The polluters can pay ENORMOUS fines to keep poisoning the earth but they don’t want to invest in clean production because it costs too much.  Sick and dead kids are not in the debit column because they don’t count.

People don’t learn.  They might want things to be different, but few do anything to bring about change.  It’s not easy, or even possible at times, to fight the rich and powerful, but does that mean that people shouldn’t try, by boycotting what they produce?  The brainwashing is such that people mumble and wave goodbye to their children and send them to kill people in other places, or to be wounded, or killed themselves. If they return, they are rarely ever the same.  People let the companies continue to pour poison directly into our water supply and do nothing at all.  People are so uneducated (on purpose) they don’t know HOW to make the government listen, or do their bidding, when they are supposed to be working FOR us.  No one knows what to do because we are not ALLOWED to do anything at all.

The bottom line is that doesn’t matter what we say we believe.  It’s what we do that counts, and what we do, shows that what we believe is a lie.  We don’t really learn from our experiences.  Not when it counts.  Not when it could bring about a more peaceful and healthy, less fearful, way of life.  Nope.  We just keep killing and destroying and not learning a single solitary thing.  Now they want women’s bodies for their own  What are people going to do about that?



From: ADBUSTERS, by Kalle Lasn, Design Anarchy


Women fight patriarchy and death…from: ADBUSTERS Magazine, by Luiz Vasconcelos


The picture of oppression…in the guise of a female…(from: Candy)

Okay, so…FREE WILL

Religious, right-wing, people can’t possibly believe in free-will.  Unless, of course, it’s their own.  It’s obvious that other people aren’t allowed any will at all.

Our country was founded on NO WILL ALLOWED to others. It’s still the same.  The masses are still working for the rich who can jail or kill them anytime they feel like doing so.

Anyone who is religious can’t possibly believe in free-will. Unless they use their free will to follow someone else’s rules and never make up their own mind at all.  If their god gave them free will, then why would he ever punish them for exercising it?  Why would suicide, abortion, or anything at all, that’s a personal choice, be wrong, or punishable by their god?  I don’t get that part.

The whole point of FREE WILL is to make up your own mind.  So their god are screwing with them or they don’t get what free will IS.

Well, everyone gets to believe what they want but I personally think religion is the biggest evil on the planet, well the government too, of course, but they go hand and hand in a country that believes in separation of church and state.  Lolololol

FREE WILL means you get to decide for YOURSELF.  I’m deciding that the government doesn’t exist and neither does religion.   See, both of them together are KILLING EVERYTHING and I bloody well don’t like that.


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