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Must be god walking on water…

The Pearly Gates…

Angel, Goal, Heaven'S Gate, Christmas

God was standing outside the gates, behind and to the left of the angel statue.  He was holding a golden clipboard and calling off names.  When someone said, “Here,” or raised a hand, he put a check mark next to their name.

People in line stood silent and in an orderly fashion.  Every now and then they looked ahead to see if the line was moving and how much longer it would be before it was their turn.

To each of the people waiting, God looked exactly as they expected him to look, therefore, he looked different to each of them.   Mists of the life they just left floated around them, but bit by bit pieces faded away.  Eventually, their emotions would fade but that would take some time, since they were so strong.

“NEXT,” said God, and everyone rejoiced, knowing they were one person closer.  The line never shortened, so getting close enough to hear his voice was exciting.

All of a sudden a woman walked past them.  She was dancing and smiling, humming a rock and roll song.  She passed God without a second glance, went through the gates, and kept going.

“Hey,” yelled one man.  “That’s not fair.  Get in line, like the rest of us.”

A woman started yelling, another wept and still others shook their misty fists at the woman.  Anger and outrage quickly sped through the line.  After all, some of them had been waiting for what seemed like years and she just went right through the gates.  The souls were furious and felt cheated.  So they continued to scream and yell.

“She can’t hear you,” said God, softly.

“Why didn’t she have to wait in line, like everyone else?” said the next soul in line.

God smiled and said, “She didn’t have to wait because she doesn’t believe in me, therefore, she’s free to go wherever she likes.  There are no fences, gates, lines, or rules, for a soul who only believes in possibilities and freedom.  She doesn’t see those things.  She believes in herself and makes up her own rules.  Now straighten that line and be silent.  You’ll have to go back, again and again, until you learn what she already knows.”

The people in line watched her dance and do cartwheels until she disappeared.  Their anger did not abate but they knew better than to show it and break the rules.  So they straightened the line and stood in silence, hoping the line would move faster.

God shook his head, sighed and said, “NEXT,”  as a man danced through the gates, snapping his fingers and laughing.

A very short story about GOD…

“Why do you always tip-toe past the cat, when she’s on the chair?” he asked.

“Because she might be sleeping,” she answered.

“She’s always sleeping but even if you wake her, she’ll just close her eyes and go back to sleep.”

“One must always be careful around GODS, little brother.  They are unpredictable and magical.  They always land on their feet, and they have very sharp claws.  Sometimes they don’t wish to be disturbed, because they are busy dreaming the world into existence.”

“I never thought about her in that way,” he said, staring at the gray cat, curled into a ball.  “I’ll be more careful, from now on.  I wouldn’t want to wake her at the wrong moment, and have everything disappear.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to give her a treat now and then, as well.”

“I’ll carry some in my pocket.”

“As it should be,” she said, creeping past the dozing GOD, her fur, a halo, in the sunlight.




WARNING: Religious people please skip this. Really, it’s for people with a different POV. If you read far enough (this is long) a new god will be born. One that makes a lot more sense.

I don’t need, or want, a shepherd
I’m not a sheep
and I live in a city
we don’t have shepherds in Chicago
I never lie down in pastures
green or otherwise
because of the bugs and sharp pointy grass
besides if you can find a pasture around here
horses will be in it
and you can see them while you’re standing up
we don’t know if we have a soul
so there’s nothing to restore
and why would a soul need restoration anyway
aren’t they supposed to be forever things
I don’t follow anyone…period
And how can a rod or a staff comfort anyone
they’re weapons
If there is a shadow of Death it’s not confined to a valley
and if there’s a shadow of Death, there’s a shadow of LIFE
because humans are the ones who made darkness seem more evil/frightening than light
simply because humans can’t SEE in the dark
Light and Dark are equal
I would not knowingly eat with my enemies
and if I was around my enemies I’d want to see their hands at all times
If anyone poured oil on my head, they would be covered in it
and our relationship would be over
I don’t want to dwell in anyone else’s house
and how about goodness and mercy when people need it
if someone has the ability to hand out goodness and mercy
and they don’t do it
well you decide for yourself what kind of shepherd he would be


I know people love the 23rd but realistically they just add all kinds of made up meanings to the words.  Metaphors and images that paint a certain picture.  Words and meanings that make people feel better but here’s the thing…why can’t people take care of themselves?  Why do people need, or want, some invisible entity to take care of them?  Why do they need an invisible god to tell them if they are good or bad?  Aren’t people supposed to grow up and take care of themselves?  If humans stopped looking outside of themselves, for an invisible parent, or shepherd, they might take more responsibility for their own actions.   Aren’t people supposed to be independent and stand on their own two feet, not be toddlers waiting for someone to hold their hands?  And why would anyone want to be weak and helpless…prey or food? Baaa

It’s creepy to think of some guy walking walking around with a rod and “makething” (not a real word) people to lie down in pastures. If someone actually did that, the police would be involved.  And who would EVER want to be a sheep, or do what someone else tells them to do?  Okay, some people pay for that kind of treatment, but that’s not what I’m writing about, at the moment.

Ya know, I’m not trying to be sarcastic, although that might actually be my natural state, I’m just trying to figure out how people can believe any of this stuff.  How they can WANT to believe any of this stuff.  How anyone can want to be under someone else’s thumb and how any one can choose to be a sheep.

If I had to be an animal I’d be a dragon, but if the animal had to be one we could actually SEE, then I would be a mongoose.  Mongooses are vicious and no one screws with them.  Therefore,  I’d have to put the beautiful tiger image in my head aside, and go for the hissing, snarling, vicious, killer mongoose.  Some guy tells me to lay down in a pasture, or dwell with him, and my inner mongoose is going for his throat.

And anyone who can do something about the things that are happening in the world and doesn’t, well, that’s just evil.  And if you think free will is real, and that’s why the invisible one doesn’t help, there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.  We are running on the wheel making decisions we actually believe we are making when, in fact, we are all part of the herd, so there’s no bloody excuse, for a god not to help.  That’s an excuse believers make up, so they don’t have to admit that there’s no one there TO help, or that their god doesn’t care enough to do anything at all.

If god does exist, I hope I have a body when I die, so that I can punch him in the face for every kid who starved to death, was repeatedly raped by the men in their lives, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, teachers, priests, neighbors, well you know…anyone.  Cuz that’s the kind of god that needs to come down here and experience LIFE first hand.  Live in the ghetto for about 70 years, or get thrown into a cell because he’s black, or be beaten, shot, raped,because he’s a she, or never know what it’s like to NOT be hungry, or to watch his family die from disease and dirty water, because there’s no medicine for them. Yeah, if some god wants to get real, I might listen to what he has to say.  Until then, I don’t believe there is a god and if there is, I think he sucks.  He’s like the rich guys who send others to die in war while they stay home safe and sound and watch the action from a distance.

And if you believe that someone died for your sins, exactly WHO defined what sin is?  And don’t talk about the ten commandments.  WHITE MEN told people what sin was, so they could control the herd and get paid off for forgiving them.  It’s a con and always has been.  Look, people couldn’t read or write, they were starving, the rich guys were taking the few things the poor grew.  The pesants didn’t own their three turnips and the pews were empty because people were KILLING THEMSELVES to get out of here.  So, the catholic church made suicide a sin, so they would get more followers and money, such as it was.  Today, people believe that suicide is a sin because god said that it was when, in fact, the catholic church just make it up, like they made everything else up…for their own benefit.  They took everything from the pagans and said it was theirs.  It’s all about power over others.  It’s about MONEY and GOODS, WEALTH and again, POWER OVER OTHERS.

One thing I believe for sure…no one should bow down to anyone. Ever.  If you’re being knighted, because you’re into that kind of thing, go ahead and kneel.  You pretty much have to, because the sword is supposed to hit both shoulders and the queen is really short.  But to WORSHIP anyone, or anything…whoa…take a step back.  No one is better than anyone else.  No one.  No god, out of the billions of gods that people believe in, needs to be worshipped.  THAT’S A GOD WITH AN EGO!!! What’s god gonna do to you, if you don’t worship him? Kill you?  Kill your kids, your dog and everyone you love?  That happens to people all the time, even if they’re on their knees everyday.  When we bombed Hiroshima, and did those horrible things to innocent people, did those people suffer because they didn’t believe in god, or because they believed in the wrong god?  Could any god have helped them but didn’t?  Or was it simply because America decided to drop an Atomic Bomb on them?  And what about the 17 people shot to death in the last school shooting?  Where was god then? Was he busy, or just wandering in a pasture with his rod and staff, repeating the same old thing…”I won’t interfere, I’ll just let/watch the sheep die.  They have free will and can choose not to kill each other but they like it, so it’s not up to me to stop them and save the lives of those kids and teachers.”

Well, here’s what’s really happening:

WE ARE KILLERS, so if god made us in his own image, then he’s a killer too.  He made us killers, so we could be just like him because he’s a god with a huge ego and a hunger for chaos.   Since we are killers, which seems irrefutable, then he is responsible for all the dead kids, and everyone else who did not die of natural causes.  He wanted us to be killers in the first place, so believers are just LIKE HIM.  You can’t have it any other way.  A+B=C.  Right? 

So, if this is his design, then he’s a Death God, which makes perfect sense.  It’s something to work with. It fits. We kill because we were made to kill. I can get with that.  A Death God would naturally make killers, rapists, pillagers, hater and other simliar things, in his own image. He would set up hunters and prey, he would rig the game for violence, suffering and death.  If he didn’t, why would people kill anyone, or anything else?  This is simple and easy to understand.  Seriously, this is believable, not the humble shepherd image hiding on his throne waiting for someone to sit at his right hand.  Yeah, never in a million years.  You have to know that “his image” doesn’t mean the shape of his nose, right?  His image is DEATH, that’s why he killed his own son.  Death makes sense to him because he’s a Death god.  That’s how he works, thinks, and sees things, and if we can get our heads around that, everything falls neatly into place.  War, all the violence around us.  Perfect sense. Death, destruction, chaos.  Death god.  

His minions, rapist priests, destroy/kill the lives of children and actually do kill some of them.  A Death God would think that was normal.  Whole new view of god, right?  Like one of those many armed statues of Kali, but male.  Blood dripping from his open mouth, the skulls of little kids hanging around his neck, standing on a pile of bones and rotting bodies.  NOT a gentle shepherd.  When you look at it logically, it really does fit.  Death God=violence, torture, suffering, disease and DEATH. Even if you’re shaking your head and saying , “No, what is WRONG with her?”  you have to admit that it makes more sense than the whole shepherd routine.  That’s why I could never understand any of it.  Death god=humanity. Made in his image.  Destruction-death.  Catholic churches, rapist priests, those are his temples and front line workers.  Wow, pieces of the puzzle just fall into place when you think of god that way.  A Death god would never step in to stop anything that’s happening, since he loves suffering, violence and death and this is exactly how he set it up. This is how he made the world.  I get it now.  I don’t like it, but I get it.  I still don’t believe in god, but if I did, this one would make perfect sense.

And no, I have absolutely no idea why I write things like this.  I just let my muse do whatever she likes.

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