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THIS is a really fuzzy and adorable goat. I just thought you might like to see her, since she’s so cute.

white goat standing on brown wooden fence during daytime

Photo:  Andrei Caliman

This goat looks like a snowflake obsidian…

Snowflake obsidian is a beautiful stone and looks just like this sweet goat.


Lake County Fair


Lake County Fair

I’m crazy about goats.  Debbie and I went to the Lake County Fair today and as soon as we scarfed down a Funnel Cake we were off to see the goats.  Goats are personable, they like to be petted, they make cut noises and they have fabulous eyes and great teeth.  There’s nothing I don’t like about them.  Admittedly I never lived with one, but still…they are fabulous and I love to see them.

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