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brown and black leopard on green grass field during daytime

we all have
our own
point of view
it’s just that
some views
are higher than


Photo:  James Eades

Noses are soft…even when out of focus.


rerun photo

Isabella…Giraffe and Teacher

Isabella has the most beautiful eyelashes.  Whenever anyone points that out she says, “Oh piffle. All giraffes have long eyelashes, it’s part of being a giraffe.”  And, she believes that all giraffes have “interesting and lovey, spot patterns,” as well.  In her own words:  “Each one unique.”

Giraffes are herd animals and Isabella is a teacher.  She teaches, Giraffe Lore, Line Dancing, Diet, and How to Spot a Predator.   She said that some humans feel that teaching Line Dancing to baby giraffes is silly, but they don’t understand that that’s how they are taught to kick humans and other things that will try and kill them, like lions.

When asked how she liked being a giraffe she said she had noting to compare being a giraffe to, since she can’t remember ever being anything else. Then she asked us how we liked being humans and we told her that it was hard.

When asked if there was anything she would like to have, she said, “I would like to have humans go away, forever. I would like to have more lettuce for everyone and I would like to have an ankle bracelet.”  We are sending her an ankle bracelet by post and crates of lettuce will be dropped off as well.  As for the humans…we told her they’re already getting rid of themselves.


How to give a giraffe a sponge bath…Instructions below.

Animals, Giraffe, Care, Cleaning, Head

  1.  Find a giraffe, or three.
  2. Have a sponge handy.
  3. Bring a ladder

Lean the ladder against the side of the giraffe to be wiped down and hope that he doesn’t walk away.

Climb said ladder and rub sponge against giraffe’s neck.  Rub in a downward motion.

Repeat with the other giraffes.

When finished, put supplies away and leave the giraffes alone.


Zina is a dancer.  She dances for lettuce, not because she has to, because she wants to…she had no need of money, or goods.  Zina knows what’s important.  She lives in a controlled environment, free from predators. She dances and happily accepts lettuce from tourists, who are only too happy to feed her.  When she was younger she was rather shy.  But she quickly found that shyness meant far less lettuce.   So, Zina became brave and bold, while keeping her innate beauty wrapped around her like a a lovely cloak.


A great sense of humor and giraffes go hand and hand.  They smile and laugh a lot, mostly at humans, but that’s understandable, because they think we’re kind of short.  I told this giraffe a joke about a human and a hippo and he thought it was really funny.  He was quite charming, in a giraffe kind of way, but wanted the lettuce I was holding in my hand more than anything else.


Giraffes have very soft noses…and very long eyelashes…they are sweet and gentle beings

Admit it…giraffes’ rock…




“Why are you so tall?”

“Why are you so short?”


“We’re tall because we love the sun and like to be as close to it as possible, that’s why we live where we do.”

“Wow, I never thought of that.”

“Really?  Why did you think we were tall?”

“I don’t know.  Genetics?”

“Well, sure, genetics plays a part but there’s also the sun thing.”

“I’m not sure why humans are short.  I think you’re the tallest ones around.”

“Maybe we just like the sun more than you do.   The leaves higher up in the trees sometimes be the most delicious.”

“We like the sun and we eat lettuce.”

“We LOVE lettuce.”

“I know, that’s why I brought a crate of it.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re peaceful animals.”

“You’re not.”

“No, we’re not.”


“It’s our nature, I guess.”

“It’s you nature to kill everything?”

“Seems like it.”

“That’s too bad.”

“I know.”

“Why don’t you stop doing that?”

“Humans love conflict, war, violence and death.”


“No idea.”

“Do you like it?”

“No. I don’t.”

“But you’re human.”

“Yes, but I don’t belong to any institutions, or groups, who hate everyone and want to be right.   I’m also not in charge. I don’t have enough power to stop those who start wars.  I don’t have enough money, or resources, to change anything.  I can’t stop everyday violence either.”

“Are those excuses?”

“Yes, but they are true excuses.”

“So you’re just going to destroy the planet and everything on it?”

“Yes.  I think that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

“If  humans weren’t here this would be a nice place to live.”

“I know.”

“It’s getting late.  Thanks again for the lettuce.”

“See ya.”

“I hope not.”




Don’t forget to laugh…


Giraffe at Busch Garden, Florida

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