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Some ghosts aren’t as scary as others…

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some people
want to be
like an old record
played over and over
never to be forgotten
they leave messages
to be passed on
to be thought of
but most of us
are not remembered for long
we rarely even remember those
only a few generations past
there’s no room
for all those ghosts to dance
they’re too heavy to carry
and the fact is
no one truly knows anyone else
it’s okay to disappear
ghosts don’t belong among the living

Ghosts…a very short story

“Do you see them?” he asked.

“Yes.  I didn’t think there would be so many,” she said, shivering.

“People have been dying for a long time so, of course, there are a lot of them. And these are just the ones who have stayed behind.”

“What do they do all day long?  Stand still, or float around?  And why are they here?  Why didn’t they disappear after they died?”

“A lot of them don’t realize they aren’t still alive, but others stayed behind because they wanted revenge, or justice.  Some simply refuse to leave the people they love.  There’s no reason for them to stay.  Look at them,” he said, “they aren’t here, or there.  If they would just cross over, they could begin again, rather than simply exist.”

“Can’t you help them?”

“I try,” he said.  “Look at their clothing and you can tell how long they’ve been nowhere.  After a while, they forget who they are and why they didn’t move into the light.”

“That’s terrible.  To forget who you are,” she said, sadly.  “When the people they love die, can’t those people find them and take them with them, as they cross?”

“It doesn’t work that way.  Besides, the ones who forget, don’t actually understand how things work any longer.  They end up like blank screens.  I’ve been successful a few times.  But there’s a lot to be done.”

“You have a difficult job.”

“I do the best I can.”

“I’m sure that you do.”

“Does that mean that you will allow me to lead you to the light?  You’ve been here a long time.  I can help you.”


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