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The Future…

the future sings in code and beeps it doesn’t eat it doesn’t sleep it works for free there is no “me” it does what it is told no human parts no lungs or heart no end no middle of course … Continue reading

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Think about it…

You know, it’s not what’s coming thats bad, it’s who is in charge of what’s coming that is.  We can’t even figure out how to stop the government from doing what it’s doing.  Think about them in control of ALL … Continue reading

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The future…

Programmed to smile, cuddle and laugh, but will never get sick, have any problems, other than the need for replacement parts, and know everything there is to know.  Inches will be added until the body is the size of an … Continue reading

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Ralph Emerson…

“Hello.  My name is Ralph Emerson.  I am your new manager.  I will be overseeing your work from this day forth.  My model number is 6042335-1.  In case of emergency, please give that number to the repair crew, when you … Continue reading

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If we want this for our kids…we better do something right now to make sure they get one…

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We need to think more about the kind of future we want…see… the future doesn’t make itself…we do…if war, hatred and destruction is what we want to pass on to our children…then we are on the right path…if we’d like to leave them something different…then we have to head in a another direction.


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Child of the future…

Great at sports, especially running and lifting.  High IQ, takes orders well, never gets sick, no dental bills. Can be put on sleep mode, so no need for babysitters,  Different dispositions available.  Strong, durable and emotionally content.  Can exhibit displays … Continue reading

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