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How to have fun…and be happy…just march really fast with your arms out!!

Kid, Girl, Playing, Child, Baby


This is really fun…from: Bored Panda

This Guy Seems To Befriend Any Animal He Meets, Here Are 30 Of His Best Selfies With Them


The ancient gods love to play…with us.

Planets, Space, Background, Sun, Galaxy

Cool drag queen doing his thing…in a fabulous gown.

Drag Queen Holding a Microphone on Stage

I saw a fabulous drag show in Vegas, a long time ago.  Talk about fun and talent.  The audience was screaming, and on their feet, and clapping and laughing.  Great experience and I got autographs.  LOLOLOL

Photo:  Cottonbro

Sometimes, you just see someone and think…wow…I bet she’s a fun person to be around.

group of people in waterPhoto:  Burçin Ergünt


Never be afraid to be who you are. Let your steampunk self out to play!

Man in Black and White Feather Headdress

Now THIS is how you have a good time…

Child Jumping Into Body of Water

Photo:  Daryl Wilkerson Jr.

I LOVE this picture so very, very much…horses know how to have fun.

brown horse lying on ground covered with snow

Photo:  Sheri Hockey


My daughter is gong to do a modeling gig and I offered to take a few pictures today…I kind of liked this one. She looks so different in all of them. It was a lot of fun.


Happy Thursday!!!!!

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