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The ancient gods love to play…with us.

Planets, Space, Background, Sun, Galaxy

Cool drag queen doing his thing…in a fabulous gown.

Drag Queen Holding a Microphone on Stage

I saw a fabulous drag show in Vegas, a long time ago.  Talk about fun and talent.  The audience was screaming, and on their feet, and clapping and laughing.  Great experience and I got autographs.  LOLOLOL

Photo:  Cottonbro

Sometimes, you just see someone and think…wow…I bet she’s a fun person to be around.

group of people in waterPhoto:  Burçin Ergünt


Never be afraid to be who you are. Let your steampunk self out to play!

Man in Black and White Feather Headdress

Now THIS is how you have a good time…

Child Jumping Into Body of Water

Photo:  Daryl Wilkerson Jr.

I LOVE this picture so very, very much…horses know how to have fun.

brown horse lying on ground covered with snow

Photo:  Sheri Hockey


My daughter is gong to do a modeling gig and I offered to take a few pictures today…I kind of liked this one. She looks so different in all of them. It was a lot of fun.


Happy Thursday!!!!!

Image result for free sayings about thursday


Have a happy FRIDAY…

Guy Fawkes Mask Anonymous Protesting Prote

Lighten up and have a fun day…

Funny Socks Colorful Pants Fashion Clothin


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