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Friends come in all shapes, colors, and sizes…

Green and Brown Chameleon on Persons Hand

Photo:  Tiia Pakk

“And then he said….”

two brown and white dogs running dirt road during daytime

Photo:  Alvan Nee

Friends know how to share…

Stafford Mongrel, Dog, Black And White

Picture:  Pixabay


Keep your friends close…

Daniel and James…a very short story

People who knew them, still called them, “the boys.”  They hadn’t been boys for well over  sixty some years, but they did grow up living next door to each other.  They were inseparable.  Fought in one of the wars together, married at the same time, and they each had two children and a lot of dogs.

So, when Daniel became ill, James just smiled and said, “Don’t worry.  I’ll go with you.”

So, the boys got on their bicycles, just like they did when they were kids, and rode into the mist together.

Some of the neighbors say that if you stand in front of their houses, in just the right spot…you’ll still be able to hear them laughing.


Friends are joy wrapped up in laughter…

Image result for free pictures of interracial friends


Every living being is CURIOUS…When fear isn’t involved friends come calling…

Friends…a poem for Resa and Holly…with love.

you never know
when you’re going to meet
certain people
who will make a difference
in your life
people who will
stay in your heart forever
people you never expected
to know
let alone cherish
but life is strange
that way
one day you start a blog
and then you have friends
that matter
friends who are
kind and generous
giving and sweet
and they just
say and do the most
wonderful things for


a person they met
because one day
they started a blog
and from those
electronic beginnings
something wild
and beautiful
was born

true friendship

how amazing
is that

Friends…a very short story

Sheep, Animal, Mammal, Wool, Ruminant

Nancy, Bella and Bean have been friends for quite some time.  They are always together, chatting and sharing food.  They are kindred spirits who love and care for each other.

All three belong to AAB (Animals Against Bells).  AAB is a group dedicated to the removal of bells from around the necks of all animals.  The constant sound drives animals insane and causes depression and even suicide by starvation.  Animals would like to put bells around the necks of humans to torture them, the way they have been tortured, and so they would know when they were coming.

Except for Lana, the little girl who lives down the road.  She always stops to kiss them, pet them and tell them stories.  She gives them cookies and shows them her homework, asking for their opinion.  They love her and she loves them.  She told them that if anyone put a bell on them she’ll cut it off and help them escape.  They believe her.  She said she would like to come to one of their meetings but she doesn’t really speak sheep.  She said she’s willing to learn, however, and the sheep told her they would see what they could do.  She is able to read their body language and guess at what they’re saying, until they nod.  It’s a difficult and time consuming way to communicate, but she thinks it’s worth it.  Sheep speak all languages, of course.  All animals speak all languages, since they are far more intelligent than humans.

At any rate, the sheep have a lovely home and are cared for by loving people.  Lana has removed the bells off of the cows, who live down the lane, and off of six goats.  She always has a knife in her pocket so that she can free animals from the unjust cruelty heaped upon them by uncaring humans.  On the weekends she visits the sheep and they play tag in the fields and then have lunch and a story or two.  It’s a good life for everyone.



Kids know who they can trust. They know who has the biggest heart…bears are always good at that.

Girl, Teddy Bear, Toy, Child, Childhood

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