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Frida…A story poem

my life didn’t start out as pain it just ended up that way no one ever knows what awaits them I was happy there was an accident the pain came and it never went away but no matter how terrible … Continue reading

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Okay, so…Arthur, Guinevere and Lance, Frida, Diego and Princess Diana

Arthur, Guinevere and Lance…considered to be a great love story and a great betrayal.  It is both.  So, here’s the thing.  They fell in love.  Could they have not fallen in love? Does love take away choice?  Is love in … Continue reading

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My question is: WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO?

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Pinterest beliefsschool.com Paula Gosney

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Frida…Street art

Pinterest Artist:  Marko Paris, France

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Gif/Picture from:  Pinterest

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Street art by David Flores in Pomona, CA

Picture from:  Pinterest

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