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rubber stamp and ink



There have been two great accidents in my life.
One was the trolley,
and the other was Diego.
Diego was by far the worst.

Frida Kahlo






Frida and Diego…words

no one knows what couples see in each other
I realize that Diego had power and talent
but no matter how horribly he treated her
Frida loved him
I will never understand that
it’s a form of self torture
and a life of pain
and yet
so many
choose suffering
over happiness
and self respect




Frida’s bed…

It was so small and she spent so much time in it.  Lovely linens but a cage nonetheless.

Frida, Diego, cheating husbands, and Frida’s monkey (on her hip) 3 pictures

Diego was a man who only cared about himself.  Huge ego.  He loved Frida, needed her, but he didn’t love her enough to stop hurting her.  Apparently neither did her sister when she slept with him.  There must have been something about him that doesn’t show up in pictures because he is unattractive in pretty much every way possible.

The good thing is that Frida had affairs with lots of others.  She was hurt and lonely.  She also wanted to get back at Diego.   Diego was jealous of the men she slept with.  LOLOL  How funny is THAT?

Still, I will never understand why anyone would ever want someone who constantly broke her heart.  I know women who do that.  I don’t get it.  I never got it.

Why do people torture themselves like that?  My mother did it.  My father was a moron. Cheated constantly. I don’t think my mother had an affair, but I hope I’m wrong and I just never knew about it.  I’d like to think that some one loved and thought about her, instead of himself.  Even if it was only for a little while.

And let me tell you something…there are NO EXCUSES.  So, as a society, we either have to change the rules about monogamy, or find a way for people to be true to each other.  Because that kind of behavior hurts everyone around it.

Some of my women friends have had long affairs and their husbands never knew it. A lot of men don’t believe women do things like that, especially their own wives.  It’s right in front of them and they just don’t believe it.  They cheat, but can’t imagine their wives doing it.  But if their husbands are cheating, why shouldn’t they?  Frida was looking for warmth and trying to heal the open wounds left by the choices she herself made.  Because if you love someone who doesn’t care if you suffer, expect open wounds.

Anyway, suffering is a choice a lot of women make.  I don’t know why.  Stockholm syndrome, loving your torturer?   I can’t understand it, but I can see it.  It makes for a truly miserable life…for everyone.  Why would anyone love someone who hurt them? I’ve tried to understand my mom, Frida and the other women I know who have miserable lives because of men who cheat on them, but I just cannot understand why they do that to themselves.  Why would anyone let someone do that to them?

I’m guessing past lives together.  That’s the only thing I can come up with and if that’s true…they are failing miserably and will have to come back and do it again.  Blah.

Frida and Diego never had kids.  She had miscarriages, and suffered through that as well as her life with him and his inability to care enough about her to be faithful.  But she didn’t have to stay.  She left him after he slept with her sister, but eventually they got back together.  He loved her, just not enough.  Love isn’t supposed to hurt and make you unhappy, so call it what it is…slow torture and death of hope that anything will ever change.  I saw it first hand, grew up with it.  Nothing is worth that.  Nothing at all.



Frida…2 pictures


There was an exhibit of artwork that showed those who were disabled, in the place of those in famous works of art…

This exhibit showed those with disabilities in place of the people in famous are artwork. You rarely see disabled people in art.  Their problems are overlooked in real life. The Girl with Pearl earring was there, along with several others.  It was a powerful exhibit.  Frida was in a wheelchair in the final years of her life.

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