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Let’s make the world safe for all females…FIGHT BACK

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Can you remember running flat out, free, no responsibilities, knowing nothing of the evils of the world…just being one with nature? I wish we could do that again.

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We are all prisoners of our own thoughts…

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She’s really TOUGH…never forget that.

Statue Of Liberty, New York

I see
tear away from her
and start
crushing beneath her
heavy feet
those who would
I imagine her
moving across
the streets of
and all those
who would
as she begins
her trip


Freedom…we have to protect the oceans and all who live there.

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A Moment in Time…

I was going 80 down the highway
the windows were open
the wind was like a baby tornado
was screaming out of the stereo
I was pounding out the beat
on the steering wheel
the sun was out
the sky was blue
I drove under a canopy
of trees
the street was dappled
with sunlight
and I didn’t have
a care in the world
everything was perfect
I felt as thought I was
not bound by gravity
or the rules of physics

it was one of those moments
it was a taste of pure freedom



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Okay, so…

We are sold a bill of goods every single day in every single way.  Some of the stuff we are hit with, makes life more interesting and fun but a lot of things can make life miserable for many people.

Not everyone needs, or wants, to be married.  Not everyone needs, or wants, to have children.  Those things do not guarantee happiness but can, in reality, create a living hell for some people. But there are Bride magazines and books (noting for the men, of course) and love stories in print, film and music.  We are constantly under assault with the things we are told that must have…or be unhappy, suffer and die.  None of that’s true, of course, but it is profitable.

People search for true love (Disney songs) and the one person that will “complete,” them.  As if individuals aren’t complete in themselves.  When you have kids, you have them for the rest of your life.  The years between having them and your own death, can be filled with pretty much anything you can imagine, as well as some things you couldn’t have imagined.  Kids can be great, the important words are, “CAN BE.” Not all of them are.  The point is, if you’re happy having money, traveling, doing whatever you like, then kids may not be for you and that’s okay.  It’s not your job to have them.  You don’t have to repopulate the earth and really, no one is so special that they have to think they are giving the world a gift by passing on their genetic material.  No one cares.

Advertisers study us like rats in a maze.  They look for triggers and feed us bits of our favorite cheese, to get us hooked on things that don’t matter in the least.  Ads promise things that don’t exist.  Weddings, children, true love, blue birds and happily ever afters, are the teases that get people interested.  Media is the air brushed version of a life that isn’t real, but looks possible if you only buy whatever the con men are selling.

Maybe if we dialed it down a bit, some people could breath a little easier.  Take some of the stress off themselves.  Jump off the wheel once in awhile.  Maybe.  But it’s easy to be sucked into the dream.  The money the moneymakers put into figuring out how to addict us to their products is enormous.  They are tolling for us, feeding us what we want, or what we think we want, because it’s their job.  We don’t have to play their game.

We get to make up what success means to us, what happiness means to us, and we get to decide how we want to spend our own lives.  Sometimes we forget that.  But it’s the truth.  As a group, that gives us a tremendous amount of power.  Power that is hidden from us so that we can make OTHER people rich.

Hey, I’m just sayin’.





Quote: Noam Chomsky

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