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Jasper Kingsley…five

“Well, my life just got a lot easier,” said Aie.  “I’m so glad you said you would go with him. He’s actually smiling, once in awhile.” “Whatever.” “Everyone wants something from him.  It’s hard.  He doesn’t know who to trust. … Continue reading

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“That didn’t take as long,” said Matthew. “Well, they were already ashes, so….” “How does the demon get back, now that we’ve cut off the portal?” “It doesn’t.  We have to kill it, or them, depending.” “How do we do … Continue reading

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“There must be something,” mumbled Lilly, pacing back and forth. “We’ve been looking for hours,” sighed Edith, “and there’s nothing.  I’m sorry to be such a huge disappointment.  Maybe I should go back and live with the humans.” “We will find … Continue reading

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