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two Siamese fighting fishes

Photo:  Worachat Sobsri

A short poem about voice…

Fantasy, Collage, Singing, Microphone

it doesn’t matter
how well you sing
it only matters
that you do



Grace and beauty…

Close-up of a Siamese Fighting Fish

Photo:  Chevanon Photography

Fish, a poem…

school of fish under water

they swim
in schools
hoping to fool
there is no
real peace


Photo:  Archie Carlson

Fins…a short story

Fins was an Only Fish.  It was a rare occurrence, everyone said so, but like some humans, who only have one child, Fins mother just had one fishling.

All the other fish felt sorry for him, or thought he was spoiled, or said he was conceited, because he had no siblings.  That was stereotypical thinking, of course, but Fins never argued with anyone.   He knew that the others rarely knew what they’re were talking about and that they were not inclined to change their biased and long held beliefs, so he just swam away when they started talking at him.  After all, he was a very happy fish.

His mother taught him to ignore the other fish, from early on.  She was quite philosophical about life, and never saw the need for the approval of others, no matter who they were.  Fins was fine with the way things were.

Because Fins was alone, he had more time to think.  Like his mother, he was interested in philosophy, as well as psychology and the earth sciences.  His mother encouraged him in any way she could, taking him to visit reefs and ruins.  They swam far and wide to study plants and rock formations.  Fins was never bored.

It must be noted that Fins was an extremely handsome fish.  His coloring was beautiful, and his eyes were clear and perfect.  His fins were delicate and moved with a gracefulness that not all fish had.  In other words, Fins was a very attractive fish.

Mothers warned their daughters to stay away from Fins, since he was, more than likely, very selfish, being an Only Fish.  But like females everywhere, the girls couldn’t stay away from the fish with the bad rep.  So they swam to meet him and spend time with him.  It wasn’t long before they realized that Fins was none of the things everyone said he was.  He was generous, gentle, intelligent, and a lot of fun.  All the female fish began to speak of his greatness. They tore through the lies and assumptions that had been made about him, and told the truth about who and what he was.

Not everyone changed their views, naturally.  Some fish wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them on the tail.  But for the most part, many of the others listened and tried to get to know him.

Fins was charming and delightful.  Once the other fish gave him a chance, they realized how much they had lost by keeping him at a distance for so long.  He was creative and extremely clever.

In the end, except for the old, ugly, hateful, greedy and power hungry fish, many realized they had been lied to, not only about Fins, but about all Only Fish.  Because of that, they asked him to be the head the Fish Community.  And even though they had shunned him in the past, Fins was always there for them.

The evil and misguided fish continued to lie, rant and rave, but more and more fish saw them for what they were…evil, misguided, liars.  So the other fish began to ignored them, until their lies fell on deaf ears.

Fish rarely live happily ever after, due to the plastic in their water, getting caught in fishing nets, and on sharp barbed hooks that cut through their mouths and organs, tearing them apart.  Humans are dreaded and feared, as they should be.  Fin tried to keep his group safe, moving them as far from humans as possible, but as long as humans exist, no one is safe and death is always near.  But he did what he could and that’s all any of the fish could ask for.




Photo:  Rethinkingtwice



Fish…a poem

Fish, Aquarium, Hobby, Bubbles, Sea

their beauty
flashing red tails
and blue fins
the fish swam
changing colors
and patterns
according to the
what was taking place
in the world
back and forth
’round and ’round
they went
going dark
then sparkling
with joy
hoping that
would eventually
and their true colors
would never


Every living being is CURIOUS…When fear isn’t involved friends come calling…


This picture might not look like much BUT…this koi (silver) is taking food OUT OF THE MOUTH of a turtle.


the government going after a free woman

White Tailed Eagle, Adler, Bald Eagle, Raptor, Flying


Some of us just look fabulous everyday…

Lionfish, Aquarium, Sealife, Tropical

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