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The family…

“I think Rita looks more like you.  Henry looks like me and Bertha, well, she looks like both of us.” “Do you think so?” she asked, looking at their birdlings. “Yes, Rita’s eyes are just like yours.” “Henry has your … Continue reading

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My cousin and I went out to play yesterday.  We had a blast.  She’s a great cousin and we like the same things, so it’s easy to be together.  We laugh a lot.  We bought goodies and had a fabulous … Continue reading

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Mom…a very belated thank you.

My mother was a wee thing.  She was about five feet three, maybe four inches tall and she was, um, compliant and a push over.  She did what she could to keep things calm and running as smoothly as possible, … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

I was looking at flowerpots yesterday and met a woman doing the same thing.  We agreed that some of the pots were too heavy to even consider.  We ended up talking for an hour. She was a lot of fun … Continue reading

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Smirk, smirk…

This is my granddaughter and Mason.  They have been friends for ages. She’s visiting him and (working a bit) in CA.  She’s having a fantastic time and eventually moving there to work and play.  They were at a party.  She … Continue reading

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Love, family, beauty, life…

Picture from:  Pinterest

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Statement by Jennifer Garner

Picture from:  Pinteret They ask this question because women are responsible for everything and men are not. That’s what you get in a male dominated society where sexism is everywhere.

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