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Last two photographs…

Yesterday was a perfect day…two more pictures of the rocks that must weigh at least a ton each.

I spent yesterday playing in Evanston (a suburb of Chicago). Two pictures of the rocks on the shore of Lake Michigan…


El tracks in Evanston…

Art Fair…

Dawes Park, Evanston, IL

Life Guard boat

Evanston, IL

Fire Department Jet Skis

Evanston, IL

Art Fair at Dawes Park in Evanston on the lake

The Art Fairs are so small now.  They used to be so fabulous and huge but times have changed and so have they.  It was 91 degrees but there was a strong wind, so it was okay…still HOT though.  I love Lake Michigan with a passion.  She’s MY lake and I just let everyone else use Her 🙂  LOL  Hey, I mean it.

Restaurant in Evanston

We were happy to eat here today because last time we were here everything was delicious.  The changed the menu.  We won’t be eating here again.

Evanston was yarn bombed…

Th tree behind this tree has been bombed as well.There was a yarn bombing in Evanston (a suburb of Chicago).  Parking meters were wrapped, things hanging in trees.  Looks great:)  Love this kind of spontaneous art.

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