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Without equal opportunities, equality can never exist.

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Okay, so…Privilege

The one thing that people aren’t talking about, at least not that I’ve heard, is WHITE PRIVILEGE.  White privilege is the cause of many problems.  We can’t see it, don’t even know we have it, since we’ve never been without … Continue reading

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Quote: Rosa Parks

  from: quotestats.com

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Okay, so…

Here’s the thing.  Women often write that they aren’t feminists because they don’t hate men.  Or that feminists do hate men.  When women talk about equality, or their rights, or what’s being done to them, apparently that means they hate … Continue reading

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From: Candy fb We need more signs like this until we don’t need any signs at all. Our culture/world is so threatening, someone wrote SAFE HERE on a sign. How SICK is it that we need signs to make people feel safe to enter a place?

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Equal pay for equal work…

Canada passed a law that women will now make the same amount of money as men, for doing the same work. The thing is: why are women always paid LESS than men for doing the same job?  It’s called forced … Continue reading

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EQUALITY…my granddaughter made this…it’s of her boyfriend

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This is the BEST TED Talk EVER…she’s fantastic, funny and SPOT ON…it’s 19 minutes long but it will be over before you know it…she’s that good. Do not miss this.

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Quote by: Conan O’Brian

Pinterest Quote:  Conan O’Brien upworthy.com

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Agatha Rosethorn…

Picture from:  Pinterest You only had to look at Agatha Rosethorn to see that she was both intelligent and confident.  She was top Witch in her Spell Class and while she was outstanding when it came to making potions, spells … Continue reading

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