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Emmie out sunning herself yesterday afternoon…that’s still snow on the lower left.

Three pictures of Emmie playing today…we had fun


Emmie was out laying around on the patio this morning…


Emmie on the patio…

Emmie…2 pictures

I actually have a law service but things are falling out of the trees faster than anyone can clean them up.  I am constantly sweeping.  Em doesn’t mind laying on them, however, and the squirrels eat them, so everyone is happy.


I left the door open for Emmie, which cooled off my house immediately, but she only stayed for a few minutes and then went back outside.

Emmie slept on the porch of her new house last night. Yay!!!! There is a lovely bed on her wee porch and she mush have gotten tired of sleeping on the bench.

This is a great dog/cat house.  The roof over the enclosure lifts up for easy cleaning.  I’m so happy she finally decided to try it.  🙂


Emmie taking an afternoon nap…


Emmie came in for a few minutes this morning. She’s so sweet.


I had to dig Emmie out of her house. She ate, came out for pets and went back to bed. The snow is way higher than she is, in most places.

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