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A Strange Meeting…Eleven

“Does she always talk that way?” asked Bill, grabbing another piece of toast. “Only when she’s saying something,” said Parker. Bill nodded.  “We don’t know if more of us are tagged.  It’s not looking good and three others aren’t responding.” … Continue reading

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Jasper Kingsley…Eleven

“Are you mad?  I’m a half-blood. They won’t stand for it.” “I’m the King, remember?” “They’ll kill you.” “They can try.” “What do you want me to do?  I need a job description and how much time I’ll have to … Continue reading

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According to Amelia’s info, Mr. Daniel Tuche lived in a gated community.  So they weren’t surprised to see a guard sitting in a tiny booth in front of a large iron gate.  He stood up and stepped to the car. … Continue reading

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“Fairies really like sparkly stuff, don’t they,” said Edith, looking around the gigantic outdoor gala.” Fairy lights were everywhere.  Strips of gossamer were hanging from polls and glitter was sparkling on tables, trees and the lawn.  The entire world seemed … Continue reading

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