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Photo of mother and child…better than all the paintings in museums.

Adult elephant standing above baby elephant on pasture

Photo:  Rachel Claire

Don’t be afraid. We’re right here and we won’t let anything happen to you.

Elephants, Family Group, River, Wildlife


A picture of JOY…for Mother’s Day

Baby Elephant, Close Up, Elephants, Family Elephants

Picture:  Pixabay


I love that the elephants are shown walking side by side, even thought the road isn’t wide enough for all of them. That’s a sweet and beautiful thing.

Elephant, Dust, Road, Africa, Savannah


Don’t be afraid…I’m right behind you.

Elephant, Young, Watering Hole


Go ahead Baby, I’m right behind you…Love

Elephant, Young, Watering Hole

Don’t eat at Jimmy Johns…

Elephant, Africa, Namibia, Nature, Dry

He murders elephants, then, smiling, he sits on their bodies and  has his picture take with his gun.  I couldn’t post the article because I couldn’t look at the pictures, it was so terrible. So boycott his place of business, if you care about elephants.  Thank you.



Love and trust…


Picture from:  Pinterest


Love is everywhere…all living things love…all of them…they are not ours to do with as we please. They are free beings who have the right to live and love. They are not entertainment, food, clothing or there to do our bidding. They are beautiful. <3 Remember them at Christmas:)


Picture from:  Pinterest

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