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A Chorus Line…

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I can picture these dogs singing together or, baying at the moon.  They just need the right director and music.  It’s a play waiting to happen.  The one in the middle, looking directly into the camera…well, that dog will be the star.

Photo:  Pixabay

Not everyone can look like a bunny…no matter how hard they try…that doesn’t mean they can’t look adorable.

white long coated dog sitting on brown tree log during daytime

Photo:  Karolina Wv

The comfort of friendship…

Photo:  Ramesh Casper

“And then he said….”

two brown and white dogs running dirt road during daytime

Photo:  Alvan Nee


Homeless Woman Found In A Garbage Bag On The Street With 6 Dogs Refuses To Go To A Shelter Because They Don’t Allow Pets

Beauty in our lives…

White Dog on Road

I love German Shepherds.  This is what my dog looked like.  I was going through dog pictures for my blog and thought about the dogs I thought were beautiful and those I knew were not the breeds for me.

I just have to see a Shepherd and I can hardly breath.  I want to curl up next to him immediately.  I try to be polite, holding out my hand and everything, but their beauty and strength, their intelligence and that FACE…I have a hard time keeping my hands off of them.

My dog weighed over a hundred pounds and slept with us.  Shepherds remind me of wolves and I like that.  I take them seriously.  I love Dobes, but skinny dogs make me feel bad and I always want to overfeed them.  I also feel as if they will break easily.

I love mutts too.  Scruffy, energetic and fun loving dogs, with that silly grin and that spark in their eyes that always tells you how happy they are to play.  Mutts are great.

We are all drawn to certain things.  Not just when it comes to dogs, but to everything.  There is something inside each of us, that makes us see beauty in this, but not in that. We’re like that with people, cars, furniture, artwork, with EVERYTHING.

When we walk into a place, public, or a private, and we feel as if we want to leave, that’s a clash of feelings for what’s around us.  It makes us uncomfortable when we aren’t around the things we find beautiful.  That’s why it’s SO important to fill our living spaces with things we LOVE.  If we’re living with our great aunt’s china figures and we hate them, we won’t be happy where we are.

We need to fill our surroundings with the things we find beautiful, even if they only cost two-dollars.  When we do that, we’ll always be happy to come home.  If we have something expensive that doesn’t make us happy, it’s not worth having.  Decorate with passion and love and don’t care about what anyone else tells has to say.

I’m a cat person through and through.  But if I ever got another dog, it would be a German Shepherd.  Having said that…sometimes a dog simply finds us and that’s that.

Photo:  Daniel Bendig

Dogs…a poem

Bulldog, Dog, Jump, Animals, Adorable

it doesn’t matter
if your lithe and long
lean and leggy
round and strong
a ball
or frisbee
is all it takes
to get some dogs
up and running
off the ground
sure cats may laugh
and shake their heads
they know that dogs
can’t fly
you’ll never seen one
walk on a fence
or jump clear to the sky
but dogs don’t care
about those things
they’d rather
play and share
their real joy
comes fast and hard
once a frisbee’s
in the air

Friends know how to share…

Stafford Mongrel, Dog, Black And White

Picture:  Pixabay

The boys are back in town…Happy Easter Pups

Picture:  Pixaby

Friends…the conversation

Dogs, Animals, Sunset, Friends

“I guess we’re the lucky ones.  At least we have our own people.”

“Yes, but none of the humans really learn anything.”

“I know.  Still, we get good food, soft beds, hugs, toys and kisses.”

“But what about all those who don’t get those things?  What about them?”

“I don’t know.  I don’t understand why everyone can’t be fed and safe. Why they can’t have what they need to be happy.”

“It’s not right.”

“No.  It isn’t.”

“It’s the same for cats.”


“It’s the same way for people.”

“I know.”

“It’s wrong.”

“It is.”

“What are we going to do about it?”

“Do you want me to bite someone?”

“Of course not.  How could that possibly help?”

“I just thought…”

“You always think with your teeth.”

“Maybe.  It’s just easier that way.”

“It won’t help anyone.  We need to come up with something better.”


“This place is beautiful and it could be filled with peace and happiness.”

“No, my friend.  It never will be that.”


“Humans don’t have it in them to be peaceful, kind or happy.  They have egos that stop them from thinking of others in any way that matters.  You can see they’d rather die, than help themselves.”

“I suppose you’re right, but it makes me sad.”

“That will just waste your time.  It’s their own choice.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

“Do you want to go for a swim?”

“Oh, yes.  Let’s play, while we can,” he barked, happily.

And then they were gone.

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