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And now…for some wonderful doggies…from: Bored Panda. Oh, and one rabbit. LOL

‘Dogspotting’ Is A Group Where People Share Their Pure and Hilarious Encounters with Random Dogs (New 45 Pics)

I’d smile more if I could, but I can’t, because I’m smiling as hard as I can…a poem

two white-and-tan dogs

Photo:  gotdaflow


dogs are happy beings
wagging half their bodies
with joy
when they see the person
they love
dogs like to play
like to snuggle
like to catch things
like frisbees
and balls
and they like to carry
sometimes really BIG sticks
they like belly rubs
and hugs and kisses
they adore
hearing that they are
good dogs
because their main goal
in life
seems to be
making us happy
which in turn
makes them happy
cats think they’re crazy
but dogs don’t care

So sweet and true…Dogs, from Bored Panda

I Added Famous Quotes About Dogs To My Photographs (10 Pics)

For dog lovers everywhere, from: Bored Panda

Photographing Dogs Has Been My Passion, And Here Are MY Best 62 Photos To Prove That

Dogs are pros, when it comes to having fun. They are filled with joy and for many of us, their joy is contagious.

brown long coat medium dog on brown field during daytime

Photo:  Kojirou Saski

There’s something about dogs…

dogs just are
they never put on airs
or feel superior
to other dogs
or animals
they are equal opportunity beings
working on
a level playing field
willing to accept
and whoever
comes their way
they are generous
and brave
and they are
absolutely beautiful


Photo:  Gustavo Zambelli

This proves that ANGELS are real…from Bored Panda

40 Photos I Took Of Shelter Dogs So They Could Get Adopted Faster

How confusing is this picture? Right?

shallow focus photo of pawn pug

Are the dogs out to lunch?  They do not look like happy dogs, but I love the flowers behind them.

Photo:  Sebastian Coman Travel


Dog, Field, Animal, Snout, Head

dogs don’t care
if one of their ears droops
their hearts are far to big
to worry about silly
unimportant things like that
they don’t care
what we look like either
everything is beautiful
to dogs
all they care about is
and not necessarily
in that order



Photo: Pixabay

The description of this photo was: person in brown shoes standing on white floor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

person in brown shoes standing on white floor

Photo:  Ivana La

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